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Dec 11, 2006 note - I started this file in September but never posted it. I am going to post it now unfinished because I want people to begin to think about these things if they haven't already.

June 2012 Update

I found what seems to be a very good blog... beyondthepsychiatricbox.blogspot.com by Patricia's Lefave

Here is a copy of an article I first found on Patricia's site... about "sane" people secretly being admitted as insane patients, then writing about it.



I'd also suggest trying the sites listed on this search - just put this in google....


This shows you what sites link to counterpsych. Counterspsych is the Patricia's Lefave's website


Original Introduction

When I met Ocean in Europe in June of 2006 she told me she had read several anti-psychiatry websites. This reminded me of an old friend of mine, Steve Brewer who had also told me a little about this movement. But that was many years ago and I had forgotten about it. When I got back to Argentina I did some googling and found a few things. I am sure there is much more but I want to start posting some of what I found. In the meantime, I encourage you to do your own searches for more anti-psychiatry sites. If you find some that you like, please let me know.

S. Hein
Salta, Argentina
Sept 4, 2006

Writing from a teen

i cant fucking stop thinking about the mental hospital. god everything is replaying like exactley the same as it happened in my mind. over and over and over. i cant get it to stop.

maybe my obsessive exercising and calorie counting will stop it. and ill probably regret writing this later. but whatever. right now im not going to erase it cuz i really dont give a shit. im too busy thinking about j. and l. and those halls and that room.. agh. im just too busy thinking about all of it to think about anything else.

that fucking place did 10 times more harm to me than good. no, it actually did no good. it just made me anxious, scared, sick, and even more suicidal than i was before i fucking got in there.

those god damn "doctors" made me feel like shit.


From a 14 year old girl in the USA



adhdvideo.org/ - down as of April 2012






Journal Type Writing from S. Hein

I don't believe in adapting to an unhealthy environment. I believe in trying to change it.

This was the theme of some books written in the 60's or 70's which stated that therapy means change, not adjustment. But what has happened to that idea? (see book notes on radical psychiatry)

Now psychiatry and psychology seems to be 99.9% about adjusting, coping.

And now many of those who write about emotional intelligence believe an emotionally intelligent person is a conformist. A person who goes along with the crowd. Who adjusts to their culture. Not someone who tries to change it. They seem to believe it is someone who changes their own feelings so when something pains them, they don't take action to change what caused the pain. Instead they try to manage the pain alone.

This is perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not much. I don't see Mayer and Salovey talking about trying to change the US culture. I definitely don't see David Caruso talking about trying to change it.

Yet much of the world is pain because of what is happening in the USA. Even those who live in the USA are in pain. But who is talking about changing the culture? Who is challenging the most deeply held beliefs? Such as the belief that "father always knows best" and depressed teens are just going through a phase.

From my home page in 2006

Amina Filali

I wonder if the psychologists and psychiatrists would say that Amina needed to be put on medication so she could adjust to living with the man she was forced to marry after he raped her at age 15. Or maybe they would say she was just going thru normal "teenage angst." Or maybe they would say she had "nothing to be depressed about" since she had a roof over her head and enough food to eat.

Amina and Emotional Intelligence

Amina's Story