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March 27

working on site for delma and the people being kicked out of their homes in Uruguay


Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

I thought if this when I thought that I don't know what my "rights" are here in Uruguay, for example, in terms of the police. Do I have aa right to take their picture, record conversations, ask their names?


- I talked to Anival who felt offended by the sign about No to Police Repression. He said, "When I saw that about the police I didn't want to hear anymore about it because I am part of the police." I told him I would talk to Dely about it and I did, but she said, "The sign needs to stay." She talked about the case of the 7 year old girl who was taken from her father after the father was beaten on the bus. Someone called the police thinking that maybe the father was kidnapping the girl. Befire the police got the facts, they beat him and too her tothe hospital where she was checked for sexual abuse. In other words they were looking at her vagina etd. Her mother was in Span and she had come back to Uruguay to visit the father. So she was alone in the hospital, being subjected to this kind of personally invading "check up." This really bothered Dely. Dely is my personal Mandela, Ghadi and ___, the woman who was too tired to go sit in the back of the bus so she sat in the front and triggered the civil rights movement in the USA. I am nearly crying now so Amy, my amygdala is telling me all of this is very important. btw, hug to P. I miss P. At the same time, one could use this as evidence that todo pasa por una razon - everything happens for a reason. If P had come back to Uruguay I would not be here now with Dely. She is still sleeping. It is 7:04 AM A Coke delivery truck goes by and honks in support. I have moved the folding lawn chair near the highway so everyone who passes by can see me typing on the computer. I wave to some of the people as they go by I have absorbed so much information in the past few days, I am still processing it. I have not written much. I wanted to make a website about Dely but haven't posted much yet. I feel a bit inadequate to this task of informnig the world of what is happening here and around the world. I have so much information inside me.... This morning I thought of the saying, "Behind every great man there is a great woman." To me, Dely is a great woman. It is ironic or something because I didn't think I would ever meet someone who was not a teenager who could understand my feelings, my ideas, my beliefs, and who I was attracted to, but I feel pretty understood by her - like 7-8 and also more than 5 attracted we will say, haha. I will just leave it at that for now. It is complicated because of Bolivar.... Yes... pretty complicated. Last night Dely was in pain about him and their relationship but she didn't know how to express it in my kind of language. She was saying he was stupid and commits stupidities and needs to "ponerse pantalones" which literally means put on pans. I think of the expression "grow some balls." I told Dely it didn't seem like she felt much empathy for him and she said no, zero. He had been waiting around till I left her tent. I had fallen asleep inside. He didn't know how to express his feelings and she accused him of manipulating her. As best as I can tell she needs to feel more supported and understood. She was saying "He doesn't stay here with me.

- I met Alvaro on his way to work He was occupying some land for a while... his brother in law committed suicide. He got on the bus at 6:30AM

- I met a school teacher, maybe Rosana, who used to squat in Cumbres but moved because her daughter wanted to go to a different school so she wanted to be closer. R was walking to the bus stop

- I talked to George who is the boss of the toll both.

- I rode around the neighborhood or barrio called Cumbres where Dely's house is. I saw all the people "colgando luz." Or we would say, stealing electricity. lol. Colgar means hang and luz means light but they also use it for electricity. (Spanish light as I talked about on my pages on Peru) Hi to Faith btw who is studing Spanish and hi to Cara who I thought of when I wrote "grow some balls" because we talked about that expression a couple of weeks ago

- Went to Lorena's house. Helped her with making her fence. Took pics. Started to write about her story. Everyone here has a story... People who don't know them are judging them from a distance. Saying "They should get a job." - This makes me think of a possible book or movie title "The slave who didn't want to work. " And the song by Bob Dylan, "I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more."

- Dely told me that she found out why she was arrested. A man called the police because she was using land that he wanted for himself He had cleared it then didn't use it. Then someone else started building on it and he came back and the person wouldn't leave. Then later she did leave and gave the land to Dely. Dely wanted to give it to her son Lucas and she was seen on the land by the police that day. Her lawyer told her to give the judge the addresss of their other lot, the one with their completed house on it. Dely felt opposed to this. Her instinct told her that was not the right thing to do, but for some reason the lawyer insisted and Dely - now it is 7:25 - a truck goes by with Rexona ads on it that say HacÚ mas. Do more. So anyhow the judge kicked Dely, Bolivar, Lucas, and Luciano out of the house that they had made, rather than telling them to leave the lot where they were not living. It is pretty much totally a huge f'ing mess.


Ok so that was ayer - yesterday - and some of today mixed in.

Now I am thinking I want to make a sign today saying www.delma.cf

March 25, 2015

I have been camping at the site of a woman in Uruguay who is on a hunger strike to protest being displaced from her home. Her name is Delma Castro.

Here is a picture of her getting her blood pressure checked.

I believe today is her 12th day of the hunger strike. She is on a liquids only diet. She said the first few days were the hardest.

We have spent many hours talking. Mostly, I have been listening. She has had a hard life. When she was living in Chile, a foreign country to her, she was being abused by her partner. When she became pregnant for the second time, she decided it was time to leave. But he did not accept this and stalked, threatened and harassed her. She left with only the tools she used for cutting hair.

Her sons are now 19 and 16. I have met them both. Last night we had dinner together in the room of her partner while Delma stayed at her campsite by the highway. I have absorbed so much information I can not process it all right now.

It pains me so much to see how she has been treated, and how others have been and will be treated. The government wants to kick possibly hundreds of families off the the land they have been building their homes on. I visted one of the homes yesterday and also saw Delma's house for the first time. Delma and the other residents have not been fairly treated by the press, and their story has been left nearly completely untold. So I want to do something to help them and help tell their story.

This is an example of so many things that are wrong with the common system of controling or "governing" people, including

- lack of empathy

- focus on rights and laws, not needs ----- one thing I thought of today is that Delma and the others moved onto the unused land out of necessity. They need affordable, accessible homes. They need a place to live and raise their families. So I thought "Why do people eat? Is it because they have a 'right' to?" Obviously, it is because they have a need to.

So I have been wondering, what did the judge need when he ordered Delma to move out within 24 hours.

24 hours.

This is land that has been unused for years. No one is suffering because she i"s living there. But it seems the local politicians and power holders have decided the property is too valuable to let those they call the "occupas" stay there. The government is quickly losing control of the situation because so many families have moved in.

Some notes

When Delma was arrested or detained she was not given the chance to call a lawyer or her familhy.

The police did not tell her why she was being taken to the police station. They said, "They will tell you when you get there."

She was held in a very small, uncomfortable room over night.

Her partner and son were not allowed to visit her or talk to her.

She says the police deliberately made noise out side her cell so she could not sleep. She said this is typical in South America so you are weak when you face the judge.

She was told she had 24 hours to move out of the house she and her family had built, or she would be put in jail.

She was treated in the criminal court system although this should be a civl court matter.


I will be writing more later....



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