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How am I feeling? What do I need?

How are you feeling? What do you need?

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Jan 8, 2017 - I am working on a new page called "Help for Emotionally Abusive Mothers

Jan 5 - I have been trying to help a 15 year old who was locked up in a mental hospital by his emotionally abusive mother in the USA. I found out that it is even harder to help a teen than I thought. I have come to this conclusion:

Adults cause teen suicide.

I did a google search of that, feeling sure no one else has realized it and stated so explicitly, and sure enough this is the result

Thinking of how easy it was to have Alex locked up, I did this search: "With liberty and justice for all, unless you are under 18"

Here is the result...

Table of Contents    



Caring vs. Control

Common "Negative" or Painful Feelings

Conflict Resolution

Cutting, Self Harm



Emotional Abuse

Emotionally Abusive Mothers

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Literacy

Emotional Needs

Emotional Support

Emotionally Intelligent Alternative Society


Feeling Words

Free PDFs From EQI

Hein Painful Emotions Technique




Letters from the Unloved Book

Library & Bookstore



Mail from Readers

Needs vs. Rights



Personal Growth




Steve's Personal Stories from Around the World

Teen Suicide



Here is a more complete list of topics


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