Priscilla is in England for a few months seeing doctors. She may have fibromyalgia. She likes people to come visit her : ) You can contact her via her website. Btw here is a litle about our dream of a small intentional community here in Uruguay based on EQI.org ideas. I also like visitors : )

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About this site

This site is a place where you can find useful, practical and important information about emotions and life. It contains information about emotional intelligence, some tools and resources, and some new ideas.

The EQI.org site acknowledges the pain and problems in the world, but offers young and old a new direction. It offers encouragement and emotional support. It let's those who feel pain and frustration know they are not alone and are not crazy. A special focus of this site is to provide emotional support to young people who are depressed and are thinking of ending their lives. We believe this site speaks with the most realistic authority on teen depression and suicide. Our expertise comes from countless hours of first-hand communication with young people from many countries around the world.

Our site is helping create a vision of a world which is more livable for children and sensitive people.

EQI.org is also for parents, teachers, educators, psychologists, therapists, attorneys, social workers and school counselors. It is for anyone who wants practical knowledge and resources to help others develop their emotional intelligence and emotional skills. The founder of the site, Steve Hein, was born and raised in the USA but has been traveling around the world since 1997. He and his partner now live in Uruguay.

Thank you for visiting.

Steve Hein





“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” A. Einstein