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Quotes by Steve Hein

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Emotional support prevents depression.

Feelings predict behavior.

Emotions unite us. Beliefs divide us.

Accepting responsibility releases resentment.

Feeling empathy and feeling defensive are mutually exclusive.

Peacekeepers don't kill.

Psychologists don't give hugs.

You don't have to have a PhD to care.

You don't have to have a PhD to care about someone.

You don't have to have a PhD to cry.

Education kills empathy.

Schools and rules kill empathy.

The American culture is dysfunctional.

Emotionally intelligent leaders set emotionally intelligent goals.

It is possible to have a lot of experince without having a lot of understanding. (Aug 7, 2011)

We must make killing, death, destruction and revenge unpopular. (See article about bin Laden)

There is a thin line between need and hate.

Feeling empathy and feeling defensive are mutually exclusive.

"Some people kill others because no one listens to them. Others kill themselves. - See google searches page

A good education would teach you what is wrong with society. Dec. 2018

Jan 2015

If you don't have control over your time, you don't have control over your life. S. Hein

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Letting parents make laws about teenagers is like letting slaveowners make laws about slaves. - I came across this today, but I wrote it a long time ago. S. Hein
Jan 14 Intelligent people need answers that make sense. S. Hein

I thought of this when I thought about what I might call "unsolved mysteries" - like why Gretchen Helmig never paid me back the 1,000 dollars that I loaned her. I think I know why, but I am not sure. She has never explained. The last time I tried to talk about it with her was over the telephone. Before the days of intenet, and she literally hung up on me.

I also have a lot of unanswered questions about Priscilla. Why she stopped talking to me. Why she started valuing someone else's life more than mine so quickly. There is pain from not knowing the answers to these questions. Dogs and cows, don't ask questions, at least as far as I know. So they are not in pain when they don't get answers that make sense. Maybe it is not fair to say that less intelligent people don't need answers that make sense. Maybe they just are satisfied with answers that don't make sense to someone more intelligent, more aware, more knowledgeable, more skeptical perhaps or, maybe more emotionaly intelligent.

Jan 14

Have a great day, as we bomb you. S. Hein

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See the mail from someone marketing a Verizon campaign from mail in Jan 2015. This is when I thought of these words. I know lots of other people say similar things, but this is my contribution.


Living in the USA today is like being on the Titanic. Steve Hein

Here is something similar I found

...living in the US is like being on the Titanic and we are going under, I am stuck in the steerage at the bottom of the boat and only the rich and elite are getting bailed out and put on the lifeboats!! from boards.dailymail.co.uk/philosophy-spirituality-moderated/9974203-6.htm

Jan 21, 2015

"What is normal is dysfunctional." Steve Hein

I learned first in South America where it is normal to hit children that what is normal is not alway healthy.

Jan 22, 2015

"If you are happy, something is wrong with you" Steve Hein

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If you are happy, you are not paying attention. S. Hein

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If you are happy, you are in denial. S. Hein

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