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Framework for an
Emotionally Intelligent Alternative Society

Below is a framework I am developing. S. P. Hein

Under construction Sept 12, 2011, Nov 2013

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Alternative Justice System

Understanding, Helping vs Punishing

"Understanders" vs Judges

Safe to Tell the Truth

Seeking Understanding vs Seeking Guilt

Consideration of Feelings, Emotional Needs

Consideration of Love, Caring, Forgiveness

No "Accused," "Defense," or "Prosecution"

No Age Discrimination

Third Alternative, Restorative Justice,

Alternative Education System

Education about Emotional Needs

Emotional Literacy

Emotionally Intelligent Communication

Meets Emotional Needs of Children and Teens

Education about Emotional Cause and Effect

Education about Invalidation, Emotional Abuse

Education about Dangers of Mind Control

Cooperation vs Competition

Alternative Economic System

Based on concept of "Caringism"

Caring about People vs Caring about Money

Social Expenses Paid Voluntarily

Decentralized vs Centralized

Alternative Belief System

Based on Nature

Healthy, Unhealthy vs Good, Evil; Right, Wrong

Unity, Humanity vs Patriotism, Division

Security Through Mutual Respect, Friendship

Equalty vs Authority

Rights vs Needs



EI Skills,

Thanks for actually caring. - PsychoSwimmer

Nov 7, 2013 I wrote this in my journal. Yesterday i read about Debbie Cook, former highly connected member of Scientology. It depressed me. This morning I made the connection between Scientolty with all its special terms and the culture I was raised in, with all it's special terms (which will seem normal to most people reading this, since most people reading this were born into a smiilar culture).


nov 7 - I am alive. I am putting the gun down now. I don't want to point it towards me or away from me. I just want to put it down. Walk away from it. Away from the culture of violence I was raised in. The culture of blame. Judging. Punishment. Deserving. Labeling. Abuse. "Rights". Force. Law. enForcement. Judges (instead of understanders) Competition. Distraction. Entertainment. "Ethics". "Success". "Morality". Religion. Spirituality. Mindfulness. Effectiveness. Theism. Buddhism. Materialism. Capitalism. Patriotism. Universities. Institutions. "Compulsory" education. Grades. "Truancy" "Minors" "Duty" "Responsibility" etc. etc. etc. It all sounds like Scientology now.

Here is more detail