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Ocean was the screen name of a teen who tried to kill herself when she was living with her parents. She is an example of a person who proves that the Mayer Salovey concept of emotional intelligence is seriously flawed. First, they believe an emotionally intelligent person is a conformist. (This is discussed in EI and Conformity.) Ocean, though, was about as far from conformity as you can get.

Second, Mayer and Salovey believe an emotionally intelligent person avoids self-destructive behavior. Additionally, ever since their 1990 article they seem to have held the belief that a suicidal person suffers from low emotional intelligence. Ocean, though, like so many sensitive, emotionally intelligent, non-conforming teens who have not received adequate emotional support at home, has a history of self-harm. (More on EI and suicide here ) She is living proof that the Mayer Salovey model of EI needs to be rethought.


Ocean's thoughts on abuse and teenagers

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