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Suggestions If You're Feeling Suicidal

I'd say try some of these.

- Join our teen chat support group

- Read some of the pages from our book, "Letters from the Unloved" - write us and ask us to send you the whole pdf copy.

- Write somewhere else. Writing has often helped me. But sometimes I just can't write.

- Sleep.

- Cry.

- Punch something. I have used empty cereal boxes or other cardboard boxes.

- Tell yourself. "You're okay. You're okay" a lot of times.

- Try taking really deep breaths

- Go outside if you can. Walk around. Try to get someplace alone where you feel safe to cry or swear or whatever you need to do. Or see a friend if possible and you they are a good listener.

- Surf the net. Read stories about suicidal teens. Look at porn or have cyber sex! lol Even that is better than killing yourself

- Try watching some of the videos on this channel. They have always made me laugh no matter how I was feeling before I started watching. Other funny stuff to watch are videos of about anything John Cleese does. Search him on YouTube. Or search Faulty Towers. One of my favorites is the one about arguments.

- Watch other funny videos - Like Mr.Bean

- Read our humor page- note our page doesn't change much, but if you have your own funny stuff to add, please sent it to us.

- Go to YouTube and search for teen suicide, self harm, depression etc. Watch the stories till you fall asleep.

- Watch the videos on my steveheinvideos account on youtube - they will defintely put you to sleep! And I bet you won't be crying by the time you fall asleep... but let me know if I am right....

- Start your own diary or blog. Leave notes for people. If you leave lots of notes you will get notes back. And that always feels nice. Except when people leave hurtful notes, but you can just delete them. Or leave mean notes back if you want, though I don't recommend you waste your time with that. On the other hands its still better than killing yourself!

- Try to think of one thing you think you are good at, or could be good for on the earth. If you can't its okay. But if you can it might help you feel a tiny bit better.

- Draw. Paint. Here are the drawings of P, a volunteer at EQI who nearly killed herself when she was in high school... Wouldn't it be a waste of talent if she had killed herself? I can't draw or paint, but I admire people who can and a lot of them are depressed and I'd like to help keep them alive.

Read this about "Write your own book"

- Write on yourself. Write "I love you" on yourself even if you don't feel loving towards yourself. Think about how nice it would be to truly feel loved by someone. -- Btw this one might seem impossible because u dont really feel love for urself. u might even hate ur self. but if so, keep trying to write i love u on urself and that might start to trigger the pain which maybe is trapped inside u. the pain of not feeling loved. of needing love but not getting it. its good to cry. let urself cry. tears are healthy for u ive read cuz they let out toxic chemicals. so cry. let urself cry as u realize that no one really loves u in the way u need to be loved. and promise to urself that u will be sure to love someone when u get the chance. for now though try to stop hating urself and accept urself and please try to write those 3 words on ur skin. maybe it will help to keep it there and look at it when pple are hurting u at school or at home. u need love. u need it. its not just a nice thing to have. u need it. eventually ull die without it. a long slow painful death. it wont be as fast as dying of starvation or lack of oxygen. but ull die. or kill urself. so u need love. there is nothing wrong with needing love; the problem the whole and only problem really in ur life is that u havent gotten enough love in the form or forms u need it. acceptance. protection. safety. understanding. caring. empathy. there is more to loving a son or daughter than making sure they are fed and studying. love isnt just about ur future or ur behavior. it is about how u feel day to day, moment by moment. so plz for me if nothing else, write i love u on your skin. and keep it there as a reminder that u need love. i consider u fortunate in one way. at least u know that u need love. or at least u feel pain from not having it. when i was a teen i didnt know i needed love, didnt have any idea what it was or what it felt like to feel loved. or accepted. or safe. i didnt even know when i felt judged or rejected or disapproved of. or used. if u feel then it is a start. if u think about ur feelings its another step in the recovery process which i hope takes place for u one day.

- Take my "mom" test -- we will send you the entire test for free if you ask us to.

- Make your own "mom" or "dad" test

- Take some other online tests just to kill time. Usually suicidal feelings pass with time. (But then they usually come back too until you get out of the situation you are in - so u will probably need lots of distraction - but plz try to make it healthy or at least not particulary unhealthy distraction)

- Write a letter you'd really like to give to your mother or father or someone and send it to me instead if you are afraid to give it to them.

- Play the feelings game on this site

- Vote on something. Leave comments on some articles on topics you feel strongly about. It might help you feel a tiny bit less powerless.

- Try to connect with people on line who might share some of your beliefs, feelings.

If you have other suggestions, please send them to me.

Good luck. Please take care and hang in there.


also u can read some of my personal writing/journal here


More notes from Steve

Today is May 31, 2011 - I was just reading some posts on the School-survival website about suicide. Some of them are helpful. Some are not (in my opinion/experience). But the reason I came here to write more today was that a mother wrote. She didn't really understand the pain you are in. She didn't understand how you feel worse after you talk to your parents or why you have stopped even trying to talk to them. But she did say something interesting. She said besides writing down all the things that depress you, write down things that help.

This got me thinking.

What if you write down things that help you feel better after you have really let yourself feel as low as you can get. Maybe after you have cried for a long time - really feeling the intense, agonizing pain of feeling alone, not understood, laughed at, mocked, not taken seriously, invalidated, (look that one up on this site later if you havent already).

Also, maybe write down what you need.

Make a list like this

I need __________ and

I need __________ and

See how many you can come up with. Mail it to us and we will post it if it's ok with you.

By the way, though I don't know you, I don't want you to kill yourself. It hurts me to think of anyone who is reading this killing themselves. I came very close to suicide earlier this month. I layed on the ground. I started cutting at my wrist. I dug a hole in the ground for the blood to go into. If it would have been easier to kill myself, I would be dead now. I have often thought about a light switch and wondered what I would do if killing yourself was as easy as turning off a switch. I am pretty sure that if it were tha easy, I would definitely be dead now.

That day I started sending text messages to my gf. At first it didn't seem like she really cared that much. It hurts me now to write about all of this. But I am hoping that somehow you will feel more understood - and maybe more importantly -- more cared about.

I know that you don't have enough people who care about you. I am not going to tell you some crap about how many people love you and care about you and will miss you. If the people in your life cared that much they would care how you feel and pay more attention to it and take your feelings and pain and depression more seriously and try to really listen to you instead of ordering you around, telling you what to do, giving you lectures or disapproval or judgement or whatever.

So I want you to know that I personally care. I care if you live or die. I try to talk to every single person who writes to me, at least for a little bit. Then I try to hook them up with other people who write me through our support group. The support group is the best idea I have come up with for how to help people like you.

Here is the link again. Please write us. Please do it now. Please tell us a little about yourself. It may not be me who writes you back, but I will definitely see your mail. And chances are good I will talk to you soon on chat. But definitely someone will write you within 24 hours. Please wait that long. Distract yourself if you have to. And if you don't get a reply in 24 hours, write us again because something went wrong. We didn't get your mail, it went to spam or something. We ALWAYS write back to teens. People say "I didn't really think you would reply" but we always do. If we don't it doesnt mean we dont care or we didnt like your email. It just means no one saw it yet or I am traveling or the volunteers are busy or they thought someone else was going to reply or something. I might put some more email address on here so you have other people to write to. I really really don't want something to go wrong and for you to make the wrong assumption....

Also, you can leave a note on our forum. And you can create a profile there and send a few people a private message.

But for now, please write to us and give us a chance to help. Also, you can help us and you can help someone else. The more people we have in the support group, the better.

Something else you can do to pass time and also to help us is go to this link where I saw the post about the mom. Read all the posts and make notes on which ones are helpful and which ones are not. I haven\t read them all yet. The person who started that website - School Survival is a very good person. But her specialty isn't teen suicide so it would help her and every well-intentioned person there to get more feedback from people like who who really know how much pain you are in and what is helpful and what isn't.

Thanks for reading this. Please, please hang in there and write to us.


btw - I used to have this first on my list...but I am moving it down here because I haven't heard that these lines are really very much help to teens and I have heard that they sometimes trace your calls and tell your parents..... If you have any experience with phone lines or other help sites, please tell us.

- There are always the suicide prevention and crisis phone lines which a lot of countries have. It usually helps just to talk to someone and usually these people are pretty good listeners. They won't ask you for your name or anything. If they ask you something you don't want to tell them you can always just hang up.

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