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Closing My Linked In Account
AKA Hating Linked In


I decided to drop out of Linked In today when they sent me another annoying spam message asking some crap like "Steve, do you know so and so..." ie. they were trying to get me to add more people. So I said yukfoo, I am sick of you... and tried to delete my account.

I looked around inside their site for a while after logging in, didn't see anything quickly, felt afraid they were going to make it hard, like AOL did, so I googled "quit linkedin"



Note: This is another example of feeling robbed (of my time), controlled (not letting me do what I want to do) bullshitted to, marketed to, used (using me to have more members, ie. more power)

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Trying to close my account, continued

The first article I found was one that said something like "they make it almost impossible for you to leave..."

Figures... fucking bastards... ie .I feel resentful. again, about big fucking companies who don't care about us or me in particular.

More specifically I feel controlled, not cared about. I am sick of feeling controlled, used, bossed around, ordered around like "have a great day" - I am working on that page now...

Now I will read more from the article...

Ok here is more from the first article:

LinkedIn doesn't make it very easy to leave, but it is possible to sever ties. Silicon Alley Insider walks you through the steps, which include navigating through non-obvious menu choices and waiting for a confirmation email from customer support. The reporter's email never came and he had to lobby customer service several times, so if you do try to break the social networking ties that bind, be prepared to do a lot of follow up --

From http://consumerist.com/2011/02/how-to-quit-linkedin.html

Wow... what a bunch of fucking shit. That is what I said when I read that. Thanks Ben for your warning.

Here are some comments Ben got...

Good luck with that. I've been trying to leave LinkedIn (unsuccessfully) for months.


What are the chances that one day we'll have laws that social networking sites have to make it easy and permanent to leave them and erase your info?

SH- Too bad we need laws. Too bad companies and people can't self-regulate...


A reputable business should have a clear pathway to leave. This isn't Scientology.


Took me 5 months to have my father's account deleted after he died in September, because he had more than 250 connections they had to have someone review it, and since they emailed him the status I didn't know it was determined that he shouldn't be cancelled until it recommended I write something about him, horrible way to run a site.

So anyhow, I decided to stop reading the comments and start into the steps needed to close the account. One website said to go to the account settings menu then it would show the option to close the account. But it didn't. This is something else I am starting to hate about big companies. They change their screens and systems so often you can't find accurate info on how to use them. The instructions given somewhere won't work when you try them because the software has changed. Very frustrating.

So anyhow, eventually I noticed an "Account" tab. I clicked on that and voila! I saw the option to close my account. Keep scrolling down to see what happened next.

  See side note

When I clicked on the "close account" tab, I got a screen that looked like this

But here is what I got when I did copy/paste

Close Account Reason

Why would you like to close your LinkedIn account?

See the difference? The extra lines?

Hidden behind the buttons though are tricks to try to get you to stay with them. I don't know why the copy paste picked it up, but it did, even when I dropped it straight into notepad. .

For example, when you check the button about emails this appears

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to manage your email notifications.

When you click on the first one, they have a link which takes you to a place to change your mail settings. I felt a little tempted to do that to stop the unwanted mail, but I decided that on principle, I was going to close the account.

When you check the one that says "I am not getting any value from my membership" then this appears

Increasing the size of your professional network on LinkedIn can help you get more value from the service. Build your professional network.

Clicking on the link that says "Build" takes you to their "Add / invite people" lol. So you are trying to CLOSE the account, and they send you off on a link to add and invite people to a service you don't even want anymore!

Now I will go back to continue trying to close the account.... I just leave their button on the first option that says I have a duplicate account, even though I don't.

It gives me a screen which looks like this...


Please verify that the account below is the one you would like to close.

  • Steve Hein

  • 3 Connections
Once you click on that, you get this page...

Close Account Consequences

Ha ha

They are trying to intimidate people. It sounds like something you hear in a school as little boy or girl.

"Consequences"?? Wow.

By the way, I am old enough that when I was in forced school in the USA, I don't remember them talking about "Consequences". It was just called what it was back then I think: Punishment. Here is our page on "consequences" to read about the difference between natural and man-made or fabricated consequences.

So anyhow, I decided to suffer the consequences so now I have no more Linked In account. It seems they have lightened up a bit because, evidently, I didn't have to contact their customer service or whatever as some comments had suggested. So this is another example that if enough people bitch about something, eventually, maybe, even big uncaring companies will change things.

BTW, I would feel less forced by them, and less resentful, if they would give me the option of telling them why I want to close the account. For example, they could say, "We would like to know your reason for closing the account and make some suggestions on how to feel more satisfied with the account based on those reasons. Click here to give us your reasons and see our suggestions or here to skip that step."

S. Hein
Nov 3, 2011
KK Malaysia

Side note...

I guess this isn't really on the side is it.. ha ha - I could put it there though...

But anyhow...

While trying to copy and paste something from the Linkedin site, my webpage editor, Frontpage Express locked up, then closed itself. So I lost an unknown number of open files. Gone. Just like that....

What can I say? Who can I blame? Who can I murder? ha ha ha.

It has happened to me before. Something similar. I've lost a lot of things when working in Frontpage Express. It doesn't automatically make a back up. Like now I am typing and haven't saved this..

I really dont know how many open files I had. Which I had or hadn't saved recently.

I work on a lot of things at once. Yesterday I had about 23 files open at one time. But yesterday I was able to close them all, one at a time, after looking at them to feel satisfied that I was finished.

I want to take this opportunity, as they say, to thank people for reading a lot of what I write. I don't know why you do, but I guess people do. You are helping me because... well for a few reasons. I don't feel so totally alone. I sometimes feel understood. Sometimes I feel appreciated. Sometimes admired. Sometimes judged etc, but usually I get more positive feelings than negative ones from writing and posting here. I like to know my site and my writing helps people. I wish someone would have helped me much sooner in my life.. Mia understands by the way. I don't remember if I copied what she said when I asked her why she thinks I do what I do - that question was more about helping teens - but I felt understood by her... she said something like "because you have suffered a lot and you want to help others so they don't have to suffer as much."

So what can I learn from today? Learning helps me.. Helps reduce the pain of a loss, for example. As I said I don't know which files I had open or which were saved... so anyhow, it hurts but I will keep pressing on as they say... working helps me feel better. Not sure why. Is it because I was messed up, damaged, by the American culture etc. - let me put in another plug for my recovering americans page now... or is it just natural for people to feel better when they are making some kind of contribution to the species? Or both?

Anyhow, so thanks for reading and for your donations, ordering stuff from us etc.

Btw I spent a lot of time trying to find out how to do a "proximity search" in google. ie. I wanted to search for "sick of" and "have a great day" but I wanted them to be close to each other. Not a paragraph or more away. Thus I would get things like:

I am sick of hearing people say have a great day

I am so sick of people who say asinine things like have a great day

I have heard of searches that let you do something like "a" is within so many words of "b"

But I couldnt find such a thing, not one that worked anyhow, on google. *sigh...


America On Line

A long, long time ago I had one of my first, worst experiences with trying to cancel an account. That was with AOL. They actually forced you to call them and speak with someone back then! And I remember the person was extremely pressuring and annoying. He kept trying to get me to change my mind. I have never forgotten that and have always hated AOL for that and other reasons, starting with all the crap they tried to sell their customers constantly.