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Feeling Judgmental

Feeling Judged

Non Judging Preacher

Judging and Understanding

Trying To Avoid Feeling Judgmental (When I was trying to work with Hillary Adams on the idea of a foundation)

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Feeling Judgmental

One of the most helpful things I can suggest to people is to learn to be aware of when you are feeling judgmental. When you realize you are, don't say anything until you can figure out what to say that isn't judging.

It would probably help to admit to the person that you are feeling judgmental. if you have that kind of emotionally honest relationship.


Judger-Learner Questions

What’s wrong?
Who’s to blame?
How can I prove I’m right?
How can I protect my turf?
How can I be in control?
How could I lose?
How could I get hurt?
Why is that other person so clueless and frustrating?
Why bother?

What works?
What am I responsible for?
What are the facts?
What’s the big picture?
What are my choices?
What’s useful about this?
What can I learn?
What is the other person feeling, needing, wanting?
What’s possible?

Switching Questions

These are examples of some useful questions for when you find yourself veering into Judger mode and want to “merge” back into Learner.

• Am I in Judger mode right now?
• Where would I rather be?
• How can I get there?
• What are the facts?
• How else can I think about this?

• What assumptions am I making

Is this what I want to feel?

Thanks to Brent Scott for sending this