The Non-Judging Preacher

Here is a chat I had with Tim


yesterday my friend Jon that i haven't
seen in a while came over to my house
and what we did was unimportant
but when he was about to leave
he mentioned that he wanted to watch
this one show about this preacher
and sadly i forgot the name of the preacher
right now and i don't know if i'll remember it
but this guy what he said
is amazing he talked all about understanding
not judging gave examples
constantly of why you want to understand rather
than judge cuz once you understand, you won't
judge stuff like that

one of his stories brought me to tears
me: what was it?

well there was this teacher
and she wasn't known for being very nice
and there was this one kid she didn't like
a lot cuz he was different and stuff
he acted weird
didn't pay attention
anyways whatever the reason was
she wanted to look into his files
so she did and
it had info on all his grades, grade
1, 2, 3 etc
so the first grade
it mentioned how he was doing ok in
school, but his mom wasn't helping him
when he needed it, or something
but by 4th grade
his mom had died
by 5th he was really distracted
6th, he seemed depressed and...
yeah and so the teacher
showed a lot of sympathy for the kid
so the next day
the teacher really tried to help the
kid and stuff and then they became friends
and they kept in contact
after the kid left elementary school
and when he went to high school
and so on and he finished the story with the kid
inviting the teacher to a really
important thing that he would have
invited his mom to, had she been alive

the preacher told it in such a way
that it was really touching
and this preacher
has like a huge audience of people on tv
you can see them all
so i hope all those people took his advice

i would think that most did
or are already good people
because of the way the preacher
emotionally convinces you
with example after example
and he does it in such a way that it
doesn't seem like he's repeating
himself cuz each story is so much different,
in a way i could probably ask my friend what
the preacher's name is

but it just got me thinking, again, how
important the whole understanding
instead of judging thing is
how it would really change society
how everyone would be happy etc

it was really cool