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May 26 - Update to Empathy

Nov 30 Radovan in Slovakia has made his first video about Paulish





Nov 29 - I have started working with Melina in Argentina. I am tryig to help her become financially independent. She wants to be a translator. I am trying to save her from what I call the black hole - more

Nov 28 update - Now it is about noon. I wanted to post a letter I got from Tim. Tim is around 21 now - He found EQI at age 16. It is on his page as Nov 28 2015 mail  
Nov 28 - I spent most of the day yesterday with children and a few adults who are trying to educate them in an alternative way. I am staying in the home of the people who started this school - I would like to teach the adults and children my Paulish and my ideas about education and parenting. I am also thinking it would be nice to have an EQI University since so many people believe in the university system (more than believe in Heaven or Allah or Buddha even since people in all countries around the world believe in the university as the pathway to happeiness or salvation or success). Here is a mail I sent to Tim...

i was just thinking of starting something we could call EQI university. a lot of people still believe in universities and the university system. i am talking to a 17 year old girl in argentina who is planning to start uni. but i want her to work with me instead. i told her ayer that there is enough material on eqi to fill up 4 years of study. enough reading for example, and enough papers that could be written about the ideas and enough research that could be started from it. so i thought if u want some day u can help create a website to do that. have u seen the school of life videos? i learned a lot from them but they are too mainstream for me. they advocate psychotherapy for example in one video and they sell too much stuff on their website. so its still too much about money for my taste. anyhow id like it if we could help more pple learn these things.

Nov 27 Ayer a few people said "Happy Thanksgiving to me" I wrote to one and said Idon't give a **** about American holidays anymore. And I feel sad for all the turkeys that are killed".
I updated the page called
What Undepresses Me
Nov 26 - I've been working on my Paulish page. Also, thinking about Stephen Lewis as another example of an emotionally intelligent soldier. Here is an article by Democracy Now about him and others..  
Nov 23 - started some j writing - see nov 23

Nov 22 2015

Last update to journal about 12 pm...

Originally posted around 10 AM-

ta (thinking about) Priscilla, Radovan, Tim, CJ, B, guy I talked to yesterday (ayer)

Feel love for Priscilla, B, even a little for Angela - who needs love or more specifically all of its ingredients... read more

Nov 21

"I measured love by how much pain someone would take from me"

This just made me cry...

It is around the 4 minute mark of this movie

I am also working more on the Ophelia. page

Also, I am getting more worried about money these days. My new gf is very expensive haha and she doesn't have rich parents like Priscilla had who send her money haha.

Nov 20 2015 If you read this note, please send me a word of encouragement/support. I have been in a lot of pain, depressed and lacking motivation to work on the site. Thank you. Steve

And thank you to CJ who chatted with me last night. It helped a lot to talk to you.

Also, here are some notes from the book Reviving Ophelia.

Nov 18 2015 It is hard to keep trying when the person who knew you the best decides your life doesn't matter.

I met someone else but she is not here now. I am alone. We hardly talk. She is a thousand miles away. I need someone here, next to me. Holding me.

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If you have been visiting the site regularly you saw my I miss Priscilla page instead of this home page. Today I thought of changing it to "I miss my Brazilian gf". But I will see her tonight, so for now I will just leave this page as it is. Steve Nov 1, 2015  
Nov 7 - I am feeling more inspired to write again A lot is going on. I am going to start posting more pictures. Here are two from Brazil. I am sitting in the hallway where I can work and eat while my new partner sleeps. We already had a very good talk this morning. About caring and controlling mothers, for example. She realizes now her mother was much more controlling than caring. I feel good I have hellped one more person become more aware. It looks like I am also going to save her from the black hole - the university. She is 22and was studying in what supposedly is the best university in Brazil or even South America according to some. But she was very depressed, confused, lost. She told me she felt suffocated. Now she says she is very happy. She is almost a 180 change from Priscilla. Priscilla was almost always feeling pesimistic. Bea is almost always feeling optimistic. Priscilla wanted to become transgender and become a male. I laugh now. I still love Priscilla but I don't need her so much now. Now I have a 'replacement'. I felt replaced when P left me and replaced me with Angela. But anyhow, ya paso as they say in South America. It already passed. That is the kind of attitued B has. She says But it was yesterday. She doesnt place much value on talking about the past, and I do, so this has been a conflict. But for today at least I am feeling optimisitc. I feel valued by B. And very important to her. The other night I felt cared about when I was feeling terrified, paralyzed, petrified. I could not speak. I layed down in the floor and curled up and cried. Eventually she did what I needed. Something P was always too afraid to do. She came over to me. She touched me. She stayed with me. She said many things to try to comfort me. She called me her prince and other sweet things. She is very feminine. Sometimes too miuch haha. Like when she spends 1 hour in the bathroom and it is already past checkout time in the hotel. haha. Like yesterday. But we had a very relaxed person working in that hotel and she didn't mind at all that we checked out 2.5 hours late! Now it is about 11 AM btw. I have so much to write about I can't say it all... But anyhow that is a little update. Thanks for reading. Oh, I told B that I am really fucked up and I needed her to help me and she said she is also fucked upand needs me. The other day she was the one who was crying and I just sat there with her and put my hand on her shoulder. P almost never cried. I feel a little bad comparing them but... it is something I need to do I guess. There have been times when I wished B could talk about her feelings like P could, but overall this is going pretty well. We have known each other 2 weeks and 2 days now haha. I will keep you posted. My life has suddenly changed in a big way. There will be lots to write about. If you feel depressed, keep thinking about what you need and keep trying to find it. Maybe you will.