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July 9 - Took a pain killer for some pain in my leg. It worked. For a while. But the pain came back. Because it didn't stop what was causing the pain.

Am hosting a traveler from Japan. -more

May 5 - Been feeling unimportant, uncared about, alone, a little suicidal.

Mar 23 - If you don't ask, you don't care | Forgot to ask me how I feel

Mar 5

Feb 26 No results found for "are psychology professors mentally healthy?". I believe we need to be asking this quesiton. And I personally believe the answer is often "no, they are not." S. Hein

Feb 9, 2018 - Inspiring military march - The joke called the MSCEIT emotional intelligence test | Empathy, Listening, Ajar | Acceptance, Security, Support, Change

Feb 3, 2018 Would an educated person hit a child or drink Coca Cola? | Caring vs Control - Gmail's password resetting system

If you love someone, you want them to be free. | Emotionally abused, emotional genius

Feb 2, 2018 Can psychology professors talk about their feelings? What does someone need when they feel...

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Other recent items - Jan 25 We are being controlled by people who don't care about us.

Depression is a social illness - not a mental illness

Jan 19 - Update to Phidish page - the word "mitigated" - Also, "jobs for depressed teenagers"

Jan 17 - - Katerina's first article for EQI

Dec 26 Gabor Mate Video - What he says supports most of what I say on this site.

Writing about feeling cared about and teen suicide (on

Phidish New blog entry (pw is 123)




July 9 - Am hosting a traveler from Japan. -more He told me he knew people who were best friends. They spent all their time together stuyding so they could pass the university entrance exam. When they both passed it their parents said, "Now you can do anything you want." They decided what they wanted to do was kill themselves. So they did.

He also told me when he was in high school he didn't pay attention in class. He put in his earphones. The teachers got tired of taking his cell phone and eventually left him alone.



If you would like to read my personal journal, please write me. Steve

Also, I have been thinking a lot about my conflict with people who work for the state government in Delaware, USA. It helps me to talk to people about it. If you are willing to listen to what I have to say about it, I would appreciate it. You can write me at the above email address. Thanks











Feb 20 - Thinking about movie Buck. Did some searches on one of the places used in the movie and then found a site selling horses. Here is a search I did to see how many horses were for sale over 50,000