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Things I am thinking about today.... the "right" not to have a nationality. The UN "declaration of human rights"

What about a declaration of human needs?

More about human rights, human needs

+ New Mom test answers in p3 pending permission + notes from Pepe Mujica interview below

It's just a prank. Another example of invalidation
April 10

Do people have a right to friends?

I was thinking about this when I was thinking about Ibraim's family from Syria. The government of Syria sent them to live on what I would describe as an isolated piece of land. I am pretty sure the father and mother did not have many, if any friends nearby. Again there were no results found for this search, and again this tells me not many people think the way I do. Ant it tells me we can't depend on goverments to fill our needs. We can't go to a government office and say "I have a right to firnd

This is a family of refugees from Syria who are now protesting and trying to leave Uruguay. I have been spending a lot of time with them since Monday, April 3, 2017 -

Here are some journal notes
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Tonight I went to the Plaza of Independencia in Montevideo, Uruguay to talk to the family from Syria again. Later I was writing at a theatre called Teatro El Galpon, which was closed during the dictatorship here in the 1970's. Most of my writing is about the family... Here are my notes

videos de risa

What if your needs change and your rights don't?

That is what I was thinking about tonight as I thought about Ibraim and his family.

So I googled the question and found, as I suspected, no results. This tells me again that I am thinking in a different way from most, maybe even almost all, people.

  Eso Vale Plata- That's worth money

I started to make a video of Ibraim talking about the first day he arrived in Uruguay. I had asked him when things started to go wrong in here. As he began telling a story of when the plane landed I decided to start recording it. This video shows what happened

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Feb 20 - Thinking about movie Buck. Did some searches on one of the places used in the movie and then found a site selling horses. Here is a search I did to see how many horses were for sale over 50,000



Interview with Pepe (Jose) Mujica - Jenny Perez Schmidt
1.   Why in your house...    
2.   Uruguay is better or worse?    
3. 01:56 Something about insecurity and elections We lost security in our history (?)  
4. 02:17 ,And why did that happen? Because of the penetracion, one of the factors, not the only one, narcotravico

Next the tremendous weight of the consumer culture

5. 02:43 Question about when will Uruguay see the results of the legalization of marijuana At least 2.5 years

For many years we have repressed it and we have more and more narcotrafico.

And worse than the drug... is the narcotrafico...

We want to treat it like a sickness.

6. 03:46 What happens if the project fails se ha planteado eso

Have you thought about that?

In life there is accelerator, brakes, and reverse. You don't have to be fanatic. You have to learn from .. of life. But what we should not contiude doing, like until now, distracting ourselves, looking the other way. Because we have almost 100 years of repression  
7. 04:17 Asks cigarettes and the big American cigarette companies Tobaco is a poison, marijuana is a poison, alcohol is a poison  
8. 05:15 Syrians - was it Uruguay's decison or the decision of the president of Uruguay It is decision of the president of Uruguay that is saying to the rest of the government and world presidents Don't distract yourselves (No se hagan lo distraido) There is a war we can't stop. The minimum: solidarity with the children. I know there are poor children everywhere in the world, but one thing is poverty but another thing is children loose in the middle of a war.  
9. 05:51 You are praised by many governments in the world.... No! It is better if they don't praise me and they do something similar.  
10. 05:59 But there are Uruguayans who don't agree Because the way of hacer florecer los egoismos???

Because they are going to say "You have poor children." Of course I have poor children. There are poor children everywhere. But one thing is poor chidren. Another thig is children in the middle of a war.And this is a country of immigrants...

if the people don't understand me, I have to fight para que supere???

11. 06:51 Asks about Guantanamo prisoners No se puede tener gente procesada sin causa. Es un diparate contra los derechos humans

When there is a Unite State president who ? to ? the minium we have to do is be solidario. Because this is a cause for human rights

12. 07:25 Is there a benefit for Uruguay? No. There is no benefit to Uruguay. Humanit benefits. There are flags you have to raise for all humanity. I believe you have to give refuge to the persecuted You have to give opportunity so people can reconstruct. You have to get out of egotism, of only thinking in ourselves, for ourselves,  
13. 07:48 Mercsur He talks about China. He is against blocks of countries.  
14 09:54 But Uruguay needs the Mercosur    
15 10:13 But where does Uruguay want to look? More to the Atlantic or more to the Pacific?    
16 10:35 How much of Commander Facundo remains in Jose Mujica today? ... a country much less egoistic...  
17 11:17 Will you stay in politics? I can't leave politics because I am a political animal, like A  
18 11:43 But how? Like old people should do. Giving advice that no one obeys and no one take into account.