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Sept 2010 note - I have not updated this page in very long time. I haven't heard from the teen in Finland who wanted to start a group called "The Revolution is Ours". (I hope I hear from him again, since he is obviously very thoughtful and emotional.) But I still believe some type of teen revolution is needed, or at least a very large scale change in the relationship and the balance of power between children, teens and adults.

I am not very satisfied with how this page looks, but I don't have time to edit it now. Hopefully, you will get some of the main ideas from it if you take a look at what is below.

S. Hein

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Here is how the first page looked when I started this section:

It is about seven in the morning. I have been up since 4. So I will make this short, then go to sleep.

Cara wrote me the other day. She called me a revolutionary. Maybe I am. I would like to start a revolution. A teen revolution. An international teen revolution. As far as I know there haven't been many international revolutions. Usually a revolution is one part of the world called a country.

With the Internet teens can talk to each other from different countries. They can share ideas, and more importantly maybe, feelings.

Teens around the world, who I have met, and I have met them in a lot of countries, share very similar feelings. And similar legal restrictions.

So yeah, I'd like to help the teen revolution get moving. So teens are no longer teen prisoners one day. So they can freely choose where they live, what they do, what they study, who they learn from, how they learn, what time they go to bed and get up, who they talk to, who they spend time with, etc.

Anyhow, here is my rough vision of a teen revolution.

- Teens around the world all are learning to speak the same language. English

- They are talking to each other via the Internet.

- They are getting more and more informed.

- They realize they are treated like slaves and prisoners in many ways.

- They oppose wars and other unhealthy things adults do.

- They oppose religions which divide the world.

- They unite.

Once they unite, then things will change as more of them reach magical (up to now adult chosen) ages and can vote.

Later, the once teens really will change the world for the better. They will stop dividing children into groups like Jews, Christians, Americans, Chinese and teach that we are all humans. And our job is survival as a group, as species.

S. Hein
Buenos Aires
May 9, 2007

Here is something related. What I call a teen liberation movement



Here is a part of email I got recently from a student in Finland, just after the shootings there.

I founded a group called, The revolution is ours. To most adults, this seems as a really stupid thing. But they don't understand! They don't! We are at war, and we always have been! Children are slaves! Sure you don't beat us. ( ANYMORE ) Now you do it Mentally! And we cant take it anymore. This isn't ever going to work. That's just the way it is. According to the major power in the world. In OUR RACE, this is never going to work. Imagine a world, where children are EQUAL to adults, and where We dont have to worry about race or age. We only worry about our survival as a one species. Children need more rights. And we are ready to fight for it. Without violence. We start small, and build up quickly. We have already been able to accomplish getting an abusive teacher fired, without any help from the adults. This proves my point.

If you would like to contact him, please write to me.


Here is something else he wrote

I have become so emotional because of this school. So angry and full of hate torward these people, that i was able to write this ´Plead` in around 2 -3 minutes.

Brothers and Sisters, hear
my cry.
For too long have i been
RAPED by these wannabe
MADE TO BE know it alls.
For too long have WE been
stabbed in the back
By the ones who are meant
to be SMARTER than US.
They prove themselves
In truth,
They are idiotic RETARDS
abused by the power of
Brothers and Sisters, hear
Enough have we had of
these MINDLESS beasts,
Savaging and killing our
Enough have we had of this
SEWAGE that walks atall,
Seeing less than the
lesser man.
Discrimination, abuse,
violence, money, power,
These are all THEIR
Absolutley IMPOSSIBLE, to
change what they are.
It is absolutley too late
for them.
But we, my comrades.
WE are the TOMORROW.
This is not a desperate
thought of a lonely child.
This is a SCREAM from the
fiery pits of HELL itself,
Where they have sent me
too many times.
We are the TOMORROW.
Brothers and Sisters, hear
The truth is not out
This is not a convention
of desperation.
This is a REVOLUTION to
Whatever your religion,
Your god will kill us all!
So let us not give him a
reason to!
My Dear Brothers and
We need change,
And we dont ask.
Not anymore we do not.
We will take.
For all that is right.
I will NOT let my CHILDREN
become what I am to
I will fight like how god
allows me.
With the power he gave me.
I wont ask anymore.
Dear loved Brothers and
Those who will stand
beside me.
Close your hands and make
a fist.
For today,
The revolution is ours.
For we are today.

So Dear Steve Hein if you are still reading.

We need your help. We realize that an education is a very important and necessary thing. But it should be done differently. Adults need to respect children as their equals. Although some dont, adults may even treat children as a white racist treats a black man. This is racism on another scale.

what do we do?
can you help us?
are you an adult of the future?

A famous man once said: In order to have peace, you must be prepared for war.

True, but what if there's peace during war? `

(By the way I wrote him back and told him I don't really think of myself as an "adult" just a person. He then wrote me again. The letter is below

Dear Steve.

Before I say anything else, I would like to state that:
The fact that you understand me, means a lot to me.

You asked me how I feel about the Jokela School shootings.

I feel... Confused, but at the same time, in a sick way, I understand the shooter.
I know, that what he did was wrong, and I am strongly against this. I feel pity that lives, lives that could have made a great difference in our world, were just, in a matter of seconds : Brutally wasted. The shooter believed in the Nazi ideology, I know that. But what bothers me... Maybe not the most, what bothers me is what was written on one of his shirts, he wore in a picture.
It read: Humanity is overrated. In my opinion, Humanity is overrated. But to act in such a way to change this, is wrong. One would call it: Friendly fire, if you know what i mean.

You asked me how I feel about posting things I say on your website.

Theres something inside me, I dont yet understand fully. Maybe its just loads of emotion stacked on more emotion. I am able to write touching and true things, in minutes, without even thinking about what I´m writing down. At least in my opinion, they are touching. That they are true: No doubt in it. That they are overexaggerated? : No doubt in my mind. Atleast to the average adult it is. If a child reads anything I write, anything that comes from my heart, they will automatically believe it to be over doing it. But somewhere in their unconcious, they feel... A tingle. And just that one tingle, can make a difference between slavery, and true freedom. I might sound like I´m bragging, but just to make it clear, I´m not trying to. :D.
So I would like to conclude that paragraph by stating that I am not against you posting my letters on your website.
AS LONG ( :D ) as my full name remains anonymous. Not that I´m afraid. I´ve left that behind a long time ago. Its because the thing I believe in is equality, if you will. And I believe that if i make a statement that many many other children might think about, it is allso their right to have their name printed after the quotes. I hope you understand, I´m sometimes a very confusing person.

You said this in your previous letter.

" I dont consider myself an adult! Im just a person. I am very much opposed to the discrimination based on age. Ageism it can be called."

I understand. I agree with you 100%. We live in a world controlled by adults. They´ve even put people in different classes. I can go on about this all day but to make it short: As long as the world remains as it is, as long as the world remains under adult rule, you are an adult, and I am a child. Only after we are equal, can we finally throw away these forced titles, and call ourselves a species. But dont get me wrong, I believe that you have the right to do this even before things are different. Its just that, nowadays, if you said that to any other person, who didnt understand you, they would laugh. Am I laughing? No. I understand.

I wish with all my heart, that I can help you change the world. But as you probably know allready ( Obiousley, since you stated that you are looking for people to help you ) we cannot do this alone. Because of the standars today, this might take centuries and decades. But with the proper "non - violent military" if you will, this can happen in years. I have found 11 people, who believe in what I believe in, and created a list. Before we do anything big, we must start small. If we are able to gain ´equality` within our school, we are able to do it elsewhere. Currently, things are working suprisingly well. I really dont remember if i mentioned this, but we call our group : The Revolution is Ours.

I would now like to conclude this letter with mentioning, that maybe a good thing to put on your site, of course only if you think it is, would be my written text. i sent it with the last letter, It speaks about adults, without mentioning it. Although maybe a little harsh, ( as mentioned earlier ) the ´tingle` will accept it. If you dont know what im referring to, it begins with : Brothers and Sisters, hear my cry.

I would allso like to conclude this letter, with something else i have written recently.

´´ You know those books?
Those books where the aliens fight the humans?
And the humans have their space stations and united countries
which speak only one language?
What if those books come to life one day?
Will the aliens, with their green oval heads
and purple blood
face an opponent worth dying to?
Or will they see a war among the humans,
where everything is unorganized and un-educated
with knowledge of their own world?
Will they see a proud SPECIES
fused as one?
Or a 14 year old´s messy room filled with
racism and blood?

What is it that they would find,
If the invasion took place tomorrow?
Point out all the negatives
and positives, in your opinion,
and choose, what is it that they will find?
The world is brilliant to all those fortunate ones.
Spoiled with their money.
They dont bother caring.
They dont bother change.
Do you?``

- The Revolution is Ours.

Thank you for understanding Mr. Hein. I will let my brothers and sisters know, that there is someone in the world left, who understands.


November 2012

Recently I got some emails from a teen in the USA who is sharing his ideas about a teen revolution. Here are some parts of our emails.

I would like to contact the group in Finland called "The Revolution is Ours" so please give me their email or something.



hi ezra

im sorry but i havent heard from the guy i used to write to...but if u want to talk about the idea with me, im interested to talk to you



Okay, well, I've been having problems with adults recently and, I feel oppressed that they give us no liberty. I believe that everyone should have equal rights. This is not just me wanting out of school, but I feel that not only should we have rights, but we should have a more justified education.


yeah - i understand.

have u seen the school survival website? and do u know about the teen rights group in the usa? i forget the exact name but u can probably find some stuff on it and others.



btw have u found any other good teen revolution type sites? and how did you find mine, do you recall?



Yeah, I was googling teen revolution a while ago because I wanted to start one. I just believed that teenagers deserve a voice in government. In the American constitution, it says that EVERYONE is created equal. It's a little hypocritical. Thanks


IDK if u've started to put ur ideas onto a web site or blog or anything but i would encourage you to.

maybe i can also let u write stuff for my site. what do u think of that idea? im not into violence though, just so you know... peaceful revolution is the way to go, i believe.



It sounds great. I agree that it should be peaceful. But if it doesn't work at first, walk away (literally) from the issue. Then if we start to physically get hurt, we might have to initiate our last hope: War.

(See below for note from Steve about war.)


ok what if you write a draft of something for my site and i will send you my comments.

let me know what you want me to say about u as the author. i wont publish it before letting you know so you can give your ok on everything.



Okay, here it is.
I see people, people oppressed by the adults. Friends, who can't seem to feel safe. How come the adults can have rights and freedoms, when we don't. The bill of rights states that EVERY person is equal. Yet, we are excluded from having any rights. They don't let us have freedom of speech, they don't let us practice our own religion. I have been fighting for such rights through congress and petitions. It still doesn't work. The people at my school are unaware of me and a few others taking action. I have organized a small group of about 20 people at my school, willing to protest, or fight, if necessary to get us those rights. We deserve liberation! It's hypocritical. Teenagers/preteens, I ask you to also protest! I ask you to petition, fight if necessary, for the liberation of teenagers worldwide. If we all unite together and show that we are people too, then we will achieve freedom.



Notes from Steve

About war

I'm not agreeing with Ezra with war as a last resort. I'm just posting what he wrote. Personally, the idea of war scares me too much to support it. I like Ghandi's non-violence approach even when others are physically hurting us or our friends. I do believe in self-protection, though. But this is not the same as war. I don't really have a vision of how things would come about, but I do believe fundamental changes in the relationship between the classes of people, such as parents, adults, teens are needed. It is something I think a lot about and it needs more thought by all of us. The more we think about how things could be better and start talking about specifics and options and alternatives, the hgher the possibility of healthy, peaceful changes, I'd say.

Also I believe we need to pay close attention to words like rights, deserve, oppressed, religion, fight. By pay close attention, I mean, for example, to define the words and discuss the concepts, how they are being used by others and what is really meant by them.

I encourage Ezra and others to keep working on the details, and keep organizing teens, as well as seek support from adults wherever possible. I believe if adults are informed in a non-attacking way, at least some of them will agree that changes are needed. I think there are some already in fact. Right now, the reality is that adults and governments control a huge amount of weapons and I don't want a lot of people getting hurt by them. It seems we need to figure out a way to bring about changes in the least threatening way, because when people feel threatened it is the survival instinct to protect ourselves from the threat in any way we can using any resources available and without feeling empathy for whatever we feel threatened by. I believe it is important to keep all of this in mind. In fact, maybe what is needed is to somehow show adults how things will be better for them when changes are made.