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An Emotionally Intelligent Petition Against War, Killing and Destruction

An Emotionally Intelligent Petition Against War, Killing and Destruction

We believe wars are unhealthy for humanity and not emotionally intelligent. We ask our political leaders to endorse the following statement:

We will no longer use deadly or destructive weapons.
We will no longer invest in their design or manufacture.
We will set a new course.

Our goal is a world with no deadly or destructive weapons.

We will use our technology to protect and disarm, but not to kill or destroy. We will use this technology when it is necessary to stop violence and killing, but we will not use deadly or destructive force.

We will attempt to understand the feelings of those who are using violence. We will give them a chance to express their feelings verbally. We believe people who feel heard, understood and respected will not feel the need to resort to violence. Therefore instead of killing or punishing, we will give provide forums where people can be heard. We will take their feelings and beliefs into consideration, rather than impose our will onto them. We will at all times treat them with respect for their feelings.

Our countries will become leaders in non-violent, non-destructive and non-lethal technology.

Wars are wasteful. Wars create feelings of resentment, revenge, hatred, grief, depression, stress, chaos and terror.

In our future policies and actions we will begin to take human feelings into consideration, including the feelings of those who disagree with us, because we realize feelings lead to behahvior and it is more emotionally intelligent to address underlying feelings than to try to control behavior without regard for feelings.

We further realize that war, killing and destruction do not create feelings of respect, and that the key to lasting peace is mutual respect, which must include respect for individual and group feelings.

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Seeds of Peace - This is a summer camp program which brings Israeli and Muslim teenagers together in search of peace..

When I talked to a former Israeli military pilot who I met while traveling earlier this year, I mentioned a program I saw once about non-lethal weapons. He quickly told me that Israel was a leader in such technology. Yet I did not see any of these being used by the Israelis in Lebanon in July 2006. Nor have I seen the USA which is at present the world's most powerful nation, using such technology in Iraq.

Because I oppose all forms of killing and destruction, and I believe such technology does exist and could be much more widely developed and employed in the world, I propose the following petition to be signed by those interested in the concept of emotional intelligence. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Steve Hein
Aug 21, 2006

Something I found..

When injustice or oppression occurs there are only two choices; to act or do nothing.  Once a decision to act is made there are countless possibilities.  Of these possibilities there are two main categories of gaining power- violent-based or non-violent-based.  This Catalog of Nonviolent Weaponry is dedicated to the increasingly viable and strategic use of nonviolent tactics that have been identified and systematized over the last several decades by the work of Dr. Gene Sharp and currently under the auspices of the Albert Einstein Institution.

The catalog entries were created by the seventh and eighth grade students of Rio Gallinas School in Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA.  As an Expeditionary Learning School, this product represents a five-month study of the tactics and strategies of nonviolent actions around the world.  The stories were harvested from the United World College where 200 International Baccalaureate students represent 90 countries.

“Nonviolent action is a means of combat, as is war… Nonviolent action is just what it says: action which is nonviolent, not inaction.   This technique consists, not simply of words, but of active protest, noncooperation, and intervention.   Overwhelmingly, it is a group or mass action.”
Dr. Gene Sharp --

Something else I found..

Description: This submittal provides an additional reason for the already existing concept to use non-destructive weapons or weapons with very limited collateral damage. In the year 2025 (or even now for that matter), the global economy will make the use of destructive weapons prohibitively expensive for US business. Ownership of business resources will be worldwide for many US and foreign companies. Creating a destructive environment, in addition to having potential inhumane consequences, will have great potential to destroy US and allied business resources. The concept of borders will become less and less important. This and other consequences of a global economy will produce conditions which might reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of our current weaponry and force the generation of completely new concepts in warfare. From csat.au.af.mil/2025/concepts/900960.HTM -- The United States Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology

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