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Message for American Parents

As I was thinking about what I would recommend for parents living in the USA I decided one of the most important things you can do for your children/teens is to take them out of American public schools, or never enroll them there.

I was thinking about how Obama gave his lecture about the empathy deficit and how you can't lecture someone into feeling more empathy. You can lecture them into feeling more guilty, but not more empathy.

We feel empathy when our own needs are met. Giving someone a lecture about not being selfish and having more empathy doesn't meet any of their needs. It only meets your needs to feel superior, wise, leaderly etc.

American schools make children more competitive. This reduces their natural empathy. So that is one good reason to keep them away from American schools.

Another reason is that there is far too much propaganda in American schools, for example, saying the Pledge of Allegiance

One more reason, perhaps the most important, is that typical schools absolutely do not meet the emotional needs of children or teenagers. If your emotional needs are not sufficiently met when you are young, you will have life-long problems, no matter how "educated" or even how "successful" you are.

There are a lot of home schooling websites. Here is one I am familiar with AERO

S. Hein
Dec 2011

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