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(These notes were originally written for only my own use - SH)

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Books, Non-Fiction

Aristotle for Everybody - Adler, Mortimer

The Bell Curve, Herrnestein & Murray (on intelligence)

Caring and Sharing, Becoming a Peer Facilitator, Gary Myrick

The Drama of the Gifted Child, Alice Miller

The Feeling Child, Arthur Janov

Feelings- Our Vital Signs, Willard Gaylin

Fire in the Belly, Sam Keene

Girl, Interrupted

Guide to Developing Your Potential, Herb Otto

How to Survive the Loss of a Love, Colgrove, Bloomfield, McWilliams

How To Stop Worrying and Start Living - Dale Carnegie

I'm Okay, Your Okay, Harris - 1967

Iron John, Robert Bly

Licensing Parents, Jack Westman

Looking Out for Number One, Robert Ringer

Love by Leo Buscaglia

The Making of A Country Lawyer - Gerry Spence

A New Birth of Freedom, Charles Black (on "rights" in theUSA)

On the Wings of Self-Esteem, Louise Hart

Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Unconditional Love, Ken Keyes

The Radical Therapist - Jerome Agel

Readings in Radical Psychiatry - Claude Steiner, ed.

The Relaxation Response - Herbert Benson

The Right to Feel Bad, Lesley Hazleton

Restoring the American Dream, Robert Ringer

The Search for Meaning, Naylor

Staying Happy In An Unhappy World, Marie Chapian

Theory Z, Wiliam Ouchi

Toward a Psychology of Being, Abraham Maslow

Why am i afraid to tell you who i am?, John Powell

Why Children Fail, John Holt

Women Who Run With the Wolves - Estes

Your Erroneous Zones, Wayne Dyer


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Books, Fiction

Bridge Across Forever, Richard Bach

Demian, Hermann Hesse

Gifts From Eykis, Wayne Dyer

Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse




Adult Children of Alcoholics, Janet Geringer Woititz

Bill Riedler (Motivational Speaker)

Brian Tracy (Motivational Speaker)

Dennis Waitley on Success

Dennis Waitly on Intrinsic Motivation

Frederick Douglas (former slave in the USA
who escaped to freedom)

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

Inner Management -Blanchard & ?

Jean Paul Sartre

Morality In Our Age

Road Less Traveled, Scott Peck

Shame, John Bradshaw

Zig Ziglar (Motivational Speaker)