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What NOT to Do When Someone is Depressed

When this page was created in 2009 no results were found in Google when searching for:

"What not to do when someone is depressed"

Now in 2011 there is one other result. It is journal writing from a teen about mothers who don't know how to help.

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Writing from a teen about mothers

This blog was written by my best friend, who she herself also suffers from depression but is currently being treated for. She last night was in the room with me and she wrote a blog this morning expressing something that I thought I should share with the rest of the world about what not to do when someone is depressed. so here is her blog.

Dead Day Drama

Last night was.......interesting. My best friend talked to her mother about her depression. But, as much as I love her mom, she did the exact same thing my mom did. She brought up every single thing that I should be depressed about. That's definitely something one should NOT do when their child comes to you and tells you that she is suicidal or feeling depressed. It just isn't cool whatsoever! It makes the child feel worse as moments from her past is brought up or even current situations that she still has to deal with! I know moms have the best interest in mind for their child and that they are merely worried for the child, but it just makes dealing with the depression that much worse when you don't have an appointment with the psychaitrist as SOON as you get done with mom's list of depressing things. SO...if you know someone who is depressed or dealing with some tough issues, try not to bring up every single thing that they should be depressed about...especially not all in one night!

If you have stories or suggestions on what NOT to do, please write us. Thanks.  
feb 2015 update

from steve hein

don't abandon them .don't yel at them or get angry or show disapproval. don't reject them.