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Invalidation in Slovakian
Radovan Šurlák


Here are a few examples of invalidation in Slovakian. More are below. Translaged by Radovan Surlak


Neboj sa - Don't worry

Nemáš dôvod byt nahnevaný/á - There is no reason for you to be upset

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Neboj sa - Don't worry

Nemusíš sa bát - There is nothing to worry about

Mat tak tvoje problémy - If I only had your problems

Nepapuluj! - Stop complaining!

Co sa ksichtíš tak kyslo?! - Why do you look so sour?

Už toho bolo dost! - Enough already

Prestan fnukat! - Stop whining!

Nebud taký precitlivelý - Don't be so sensitive

To nerieš - You don't have to care about that

Mal by si sa hanbit! - You should feel guilty

Mal by si byt vdacný... - You should be thankful for ...

Neplac - Don't cry

Nedramatizuj! - Stop being so dramatic!

Co sa tak tváriš? - Why do you look like that?

Myslíš si, že si tu na svete sám?! - Do you think you are the only one in this world?

Urcite to tak nemyslela - I am sure she didn't mean it that way

Takto by si sa o svojich rodicoch nemal/a vyjadrovat! - You shouldn't speak that way about your parents

Co si taký odutý? - Why do you look so sad?

Tak to vôbec nebolo - That's not the way it all went

Ale ja ta pocúvam! - But I do listen to you

Neber všetko tak osobne - Stop taking everything so seriously

Netvár sa tak - Don't make that face

Mal by si byt štastný že... - You should be happy that...

To nie je pravda - That's not true

Urcite to nie je také zlé - It can't be that bad

Nebud taký ufnukaný - Don't be so snivelling

Guilt Trips In Slovakian

Sklamal/a si ma - You have disappointed me