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What is the weather like in Indiana?

An example of a really bad listener



Here is a true story based on my journal notes from December 29, 2015. It is an example of a really bad listener. Not the absolute worst, but still very bad. She totally missed the emotional content of something I said, without even acknowledging it. S. Hein


This morning I was talking to a girl from Korea who I met in the hostel in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina where I have been staying for a while.


I started the conversation by asking why she was up at 5:00 in the morning. She said it was because her roommate turned off the air conditioning and it got so hot she woke up. Then she told me it was a lot cooler in Cafayate, Argentina where she had just come from. Then and we talked about her trip and a few other things. Along the way I told her I was from Indiana.

Eventually she asked me why I was up so early. I explained it was because I had been sleeping a lot lately yesterday because I had been depressed for the last few days because I just broke up with my girlfriend last week.

Then I waited to see what she would say next.

Here are her exact words:

She said, "So what's the weather like in Indiana?"

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