Ideas on a New Belief System

To me, a new belief system is needed in the world in order to reduce violence, death, destruction and emotional pain. The world's dominant belief systems and religions were all founded by people without knowledge of the laws of evolution. Nor did they have the benefit of modern psychology or brain research.

Each system attempted to explain what was at that time unexplainable. With the progress of science, however, we now are in the position to form a much more intelligent and accurate system of beliefs. While we do not yet have answers to all of our questions, it seems clear we have enough scientific evidence, as well as historical data, to move to a higher level of social and universal enlightenment.

Here are a few components which might be in this new belief system:


Harmony with nature and evolutionary trends

The more we discover about nature and evolution, the better we can align ourselves in harmony with fundamental natural laws and trends. Once we correctly identify these fundamental truths, we can immediately use them in personal and social decision making and policy setting.

Here are some of these laws and trends, as I see them:

Along with the above, it seems that as we evolve our needs change. It might be fair to say that we evolve both as a species and individually we have more need for intellectual and emotional fulfilment and less need for physical fulfillment and sexual fulfillment.

In particular, it seems that highly evolved people have more need for

Lesser need for