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It is hard to be depressed and in action at the same time.

(There are two sides to this. One is positive in the sense that if you need temporary relief from depression it might help to get busy doing something, such as cleaning the house, going for a walk or bike ride. But action is not a permenant solution because it does not address the cause of the depressive feelings. Some people use activity to avoid facing the causes of their depression and to avoid allowing themselves time to feel. In the long term, merely being active and even productive does not fill the required unmet emotional needs.)


For me, depression is a sign of not dealing honestly with my problems.

(This quote is by Patrick Wakeling's and comes from his chapter in the book Wounded Healers by Vicky Rippere and Ruth Williams)


Depression and Intelligence

Most depressed people I have known think a lot. And they have a lot to say. But for too many years no one has listened to them.

Most depressed people I have known are also intelligent, both intellectually and emotionally.

- After writing this I later decided that it is not accurate to say "depressed people" for people who sometimes or even often get depresssd. See this page for more on that.

Advice or commands from "well-meaning friends and family for him to 'snap out of it' provide only frustration for he can no more "snap out of it" than the diabetic can will his pancreas to produce more insulin. Source

Also, the person will then feel more alone and less understood.


Journal Notes from May 23, 2007

It is 11:22 on Weds morning. I just woke up a little while ago. I am still feeling depressed from something that happened yesterday. Here are some notes/thoughts

- We can learn from depressed people

- We can learn from depression

- Ocean said "Depression makes you think about important questions"

.- When I am depressed, I sleep. Sleeping restores my energy. I need un-interrupted sleep without anyone forcing me to do something else, or invalidating me. But depressed teenagers don't have the freedom to sleep. To rest. To think. They are ordered to get out of bed. Told to "cheer up", go to school. Smile. Thus they don't have time to heal from whatever it was that depressed them. Depression comes from emotional wounds, emotional pain. Time and sleep can heal those wounds naturally if people don't interrupt the process, and if the person hasn't been taught to think self-destructively.

- Teenagers also don't have enough privacy. There is almost no privacy in schools. Many teens I have known tell me they go cry in the bathroom, but I have heard that in the USA teens are now being followed to the bathroom by an adult who waits outside and will come in after them if the adults think they are taking too long.

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