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War is Not Emotionally Intelligent

Jack Mayer is one of the leading researchers in emotional intelligence. In fact, it might be fair to say he is the leading EI researcher in the world, if we had to choose just one person.

Although I don't agree with everything Jack says, I have high level of respect for him and I give serious thought to everything he writes about EI.

On thing Jack says is that he and his colleagues believe that a person who is emotionally intelligent has good relations with others. If we assume this is true, then we could say that killing others is an extreme example of what is not emotionally intelligent. So we could then say that war is not emotionally intelligent.

One of the things which bothers me about many people who claim to be experts on EI is that they have not taken a strong position on this topic of making wars. I was born and raised in the USA and it hurts me deeply to see that the current American government policy is to make the world safe by killing people.

Many EI consultants in the USA, England, Canada, Australia etc. seem to completely avoid this topic and prefer to go on with business as usual. My own feelings, however, don't allow me to do this.

To my knowledge, Jack Mayer, for example, has never made any public comments about war. If you know of any EI consultants who are publicly opposed to war and are would be interested in organizing a campaign to spread the message that "War is not emotionally intelligent", please let me know. Or if you would like to add your name to a public declaration of this which I will put on my website, please also let me know.

Steve Hein
June 2, 2006

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