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Understanding Our Emotional Needs

The other day I asked myself "What were Hitler's emotional needs"? Today I googled this and found that there were no results. In other words, no one has asked that question.

We generally underestimate the importance of our emotional needs. In fact, we don't even generally speak of their existence.

I also tried "What were Hitler's needs?" This, too, brought no results.

But when you start to search "What were Hitler's..." you get things like: What were Hitler's goals, beliefs, objectives in Europe.

My point is that we need to start thinking in terms of our emotional needs. People are driven by needs. Humans do have emotional needs. Hitler didn't need food or shelter. So what did he need? What do any of our political leaders need? What motivates leaders to lead us into wars?

It would help us to think about this and devote more time to studying and understanding our emotional needs.

I plan to write more about the emotion-related problems in America, in particular how the emotional needs of children and teens are not being met, and what the consequences are of this.

By the way, in his book "The Sane Soiety," Erich Fromm asks if modern civilization "fails to satisfy profound needs in man." He does not use the term emotional needs, but he refers to "psychic needs" and says:

The basic psychic needs...must be satisfied in one form or other, unless man is to become insane, just as his physiological needs must be satisfied lest he die.

S. Hein
August, 2010



Human Emotional Needs

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Here is some journal writing related to emotional needs

if you dont know how someone feels, how needy they are feeling at the moment, you dont know what to expect from them. like if u think a car has gas and it doesnt, you get frustrated, but if you know from the beginning it is empty, then you dont.

without a gas meter u could be on ur way somewhere and run out of gas and become frustrated. even worse if its a fake meter (faking feelings).


there's too many needy adults with power

there's too many needy children and teenagers without power

or you could say the needy adults have too much power and the needy teenagers have too
little power

if you're needy and u have power, you can fill your needs, so you wont be needy very long.

when it doesnt apply is when uve been needy too long, so u become insatiable

so then u have a lot of insatiable adults with power - but most of them only have power
over their kids.

so they overcontrol them, etc.

from sept 2010


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