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Teen Suicide Checklist

- You are often invalidated at home.

- You feel responsible for your mother and/or father's feelings happiness.

- Your mother/father blames you for things.

- Your mother/father makes you feel worthless and sometimes even hated.

- You are told you don't deserve things.

- You have trouble sleeping at night.

- You care about your friends.

- You would rather spend time with your friends than studying.

- You would rather spend time with your friends than your family or parents.

- You feel safer with your friends than your family or parents. (Or you have no friends you can trust either.)

- You don't receive good answers to your questions. (See Intelligent answers)

- You are told things like "As long as you live in my house you will follow my rules."

- You have learned that it is dangerous to tell the truth about how you feel or about other things.

- You feel over-controlled or trapped.

- Your parents seldom or never apologize for hurting you or making mistakes.

- There are secrets which no one but you knows.

- You don't have anyone you can totally trust.

-You have been betrayed by friends, teachers, and school counselors.

- You have been put on medication and it hasn't helped.

- You don't have anyone who hugs you and just listens to you when you are very sad or crying.

- You often feel totally alone.

- You cry yourself to sleep at night.

- You have been told or taught that it is weak to cry.


If a lot of theses apply to you, then there is probably nothing wroing with you, but definitely a lot wrong with your living environment and the way you have been treated. So please hang in there and try to take care of yourself as best you can till you can get away and be more in control of your own life. Please keep reading EQI and other sites about things like emotional and verbal abuse. Try to find some supportive people online or in real life. Please don't giveup. Rest as much as you can when you need to, but please don't give up. And please don't judge, lable or blame yourself.

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