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Napoleon Hill

I recently found an online copy of Napoleon Hill's book about peace of mind. I was very happy to find it because it is a special book for me and I didn't know if I would ever see it again. It was not his most famous book (His most famous was Think and Grow Rich)

Here is a little from it....

Napoleon Hill as a youth was no different from most young people today. He associated success with money in his early career. He wanted to be important, with a display of opulence. People today tend to associate the popular book Think and Grow Rich in terms of money-but Hill's perspective was to change as he matured.

[Hill] states he is trying to help the reader avoid the mistakes he made. As you read the book, perhaps you can learn from Hill's life that many other things besides money and material items are needed in order to truly have peace of mind. You will read of learning from your past, developing a positive mental attitude, living life free of fear, and the importance of sharing your wealth with others.

[Peace of mind is]... the habit of being one's self and doing one's own thinking. It is the habit of checking one's attitudes toward life and toward one's fellow men, and always adjusting these attitudes for the better. It is the habit of helping others to help themselves! It is freedom from anxiety over what may happen to you after you die. It is the habit of going the extra mile in all human relationships. It is the habit of thinking in terms of what you wish to do, instead of thinking of the obstacles which may get in your way. It is the habit of laughing at the petty misfortunes which may overtake you. It is the habit of giving before trying to get.


As a youngster I was often hungry. There was a time when I ate bark I scraped off birch trees. Until I reached my teens I continued to be hungry. I am still hungry! Not for physical food, but for mental food


The man who speaks to you is in his eighties. His life remains full and hearty. His possessions-of which he surely has enough-have not taken away the thrill of accomplishment. The book is the first step of accomplishment; the best of the accomplishment comes in knowing that this book will bring wealth and happiness to those who read and think. I am ready now to write more clearly and maturely than ever was possible to me before.

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