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Here is an example of the kinds of questions found on the MSCEIT test, which is marketed as being a test of emotional intelligence:



Managing Emotions

Debbie just came back from vacation. She was feeling peaceful and content.  How well would each action preserve her mood?

Action 1: She started to make a list of things at home that she needed to do.

Very Ineffective..1.....2.....3.....4.....5..Very Effective

Action 2: She began thinking about where and when she would go on her next vacation.

Very Ineffective..1.....2.....3.....4.....5..Very Effective

Action 3: She decided it was best to ignore the feeling since it wouldn't last anyway.

Very Ineffective..1.....2.....3.....4.....5..Very Effective


In a private correspondence with David Caruso he wrote this to me

In our new test, the YV, we are quite clear about the goal. For example, consider
an item like this:

Debbie comes back from a great, relaxing vacation. She wants this
relaxing feeling to continue. How effective would each of these
strategies be in maintaining her relaxed feelings?

a) Make a list of the things she needs to do.
b) ignore the feeling as it will go away anyway.
c) Reflect on the best parts of the vacation.

My comments for David:

First, what makes the vacation great? Doesn't this depend on how you define "great"?

Also, why does she need to relax? This implies to me she has a stressful life, a stressful job. Perhaps she follows this kind of thinking: Work hard. Do things you don't feel good about while you live under a lot of stress and pressure. Transfer this stress and pressure to your kids, but make a lot of money so you can buy a big house, two cars, and take an expensive vacation for a few weeks a year.

Maybe it would be better for humanity if Debbie didn't just "relax" during her vacation, but instead, really thought about what she would rather be doing to earn a living, what could be more useful to the world, and what would make her feel more fulfilled.

By the way, another option you don't have here is to quit her job.


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