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How Do You Stop Emotional Pain

Today I am in a lot of emotional pain. And some physical pain because my neck/head hurts. I don't know if they physical pain is because I slept wrong or if it is because of the stress from the emotional pain..

Anyhow, I feel so depressed, discouraged. I feel disillusioned. I feel sadness, not just sad. I feel loss. The loss of someone and the loss of a dream.

The loss of the dream was the Hillary Adams foundation. And the person was/is Hillary. I felt supported by her the first time I contacted her. I felt enouraged. But since then I have felt discouraged, disillusioned etc. like i already said.

So today I was googling things like "Ho do you stop emotional pain". I want to stop this pain and I hoped I would find something useful/helpful. I only found one result, and it didn't help me.

Then I changed the search around and found an article which looked promising. But it is too simplistic. Too based on cognitive psychology. The author says you should say "Stop" when you have a sad thought. But now I feel sadder. Because I feel less understood. I also feel thankful there is one person in my real life, who I met online first, that I feel cared about by, loved by, understood by.

We are not together right now. But I know that if I need her I can go to where she is, just a short wak away, and I can lay on the bed next to her and she will hold me.


I don't know how long a person "should" feel their pain. I keep thinking, if someone you love dies should you tell yourself to stop thinking about it?

Or is it better to think about it, to try to learn from it perhaps?

Is it better to keep it to yourself, or tell someone about it?

Is it better to write about it and tell a lot of people? Maybe if you do, someone will care and they will try to help you in some way.

For example, if I wrote about my dream, maybe someone would read it and say "That is reall nice." Then maybe they would write me and say, "I will help you."


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And change the laws.

Changing people's beliefs may be one of the hardest things anyone can do.

Below are some things I found when searching "Changing people's beliefs"

Changing people's beliefs is tantamount to changing who they are as individuals


Changing people's beliefs is seldom accomplished by force or coercion. Neither is it generally achieved by lecturing, exhorting, ordering, legislation


Changing people's beliefs is incredibly difficult This is because they are usually deep rooted. However, it is not impossible.


Raising awareness and changing people's beliefs is one of the major responsibilities of the media

(This one talks about suicide)