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"Good Grades"

Good Grades, Good Behavior

It hurts me to even think about how these terms have been used. Used to manipulate children and teenagers, and even university students. Manipulate them to get what the adults want.

The concept of "good" grades and "good behavior" is largely based on the basic emotional need of a child for approval. The approval seeking drive within each of us. A child knows that if he doesn't have the approval of the "big people" around him, he could die. They could reject him and abandon him if they disapproved of him enough.

I think of how many times I have heard something like this "He was a good little boy. He always did what he was told."

So are we to really believe that obedience = good behavior?

Yes, sadly enough. This is how the majority of people really view "good" behavior.

But I don't believe obedience = good behavior.

Hitler's soldiers were obedient.

All soldiers are obedient. That is one of the most important qualities of a soldier. And it is also one of the most important qualities of a young student. Or really, a student of any age. In nearly all schools, you have to do what you are told, or you won't get a "good" grade. Even someone trying to get his PhD in philosophy, where one might think individuality and independent thinking would be highly valued, obedience is required.

There are certain things a doctoral candidate has to do. Write a dissertation, for example, use a lot of references. Print it in a certain format. Think about what would happen if a PhD candidate were to say, I don't want to print out my dissertation. And I don't want to use any references. I just want to create a website with my ideas.

Do you think this would be acceptable? Would it matter how good his ideas were? What if he only wrote a story like "The Little Prince" for his dissertation?

S. Hein



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