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Letter to Those Who Cut

"Only trust those who offer you safety first."



If you really want to keep it a secret, you can't tell /anyone/. There are some people who understand--some doctors, some social workers, whatever. They know that we cut to make the thoughts that are even worse go away; they understand that this IS our coping mechanism. It may be flawed, but it does what it does. Unfortunately, even now--many years on--most people don't understand, and panic when they see the blood. They don't understand that the blood is a comfort. The only safe place is with other people who cut, or the rare doctor who has seen it all and understands. Even as an adult, I can't tell you that other adults are safe. Only trust those who offer you safety first.


Follow -up letter when we asked if we could post this..

Yes--and even ok to tell people that this is from someone who's been very successful by society's standards (an MD).

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