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EQI Teen Support Group


We are going to try something new with our support group idea.

In the past we had it open to pretty much everyone, but that hasn't worked well because people have too many different beliefs about how to help someone, as well as different values about what is important in life. So now we are going to limit the membership in the support group to people who are regular readers of EQI.org, who support its ideas and its founder, and who do not want to be part of the "mainstream".

The purpose of the group is to provide emotional support, friendship and understanding so you don't feel so alone, so different, so misunderstood. Our idea is to provide support thru listening, caring, accepting, encouraging, and understanding (not advice.)

We expect this to be a very small group of just a few people who care about, support and respect each other, and who apply the ideas found throught EQI.org.

The process of joining takes a couple of steps. First, if you are interested in joining you can write to us and tell us a bit about yourself, including your age, country, how long you have been reading the EQI.org site and how you found it. We will then send you a list of links from eqi.org for you to read, as well as a short questionnaire about your beliefs. Then you can talk individually with one of the volunteers for a while. When we feel comfortable that you really understand and value the ideas here at EQI, we will introduce you to more of the group members.

Here is our contact info.

(If you are willing to help us, please mention that in your mail.)