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I was born in the USA. Lived there till I was in my 40's. Since then I have been travelling around the world. I have been to about 60 countries now. I've actually lived in about 10 or so, in other words I have stayed more than a month or two.

I studied business in school, got an MBA. Graduated near the top of my class, according to their standards, but probably near the bottom in terms of relationship skills or emotional health or emotional skills.

I got divorced twice. Had my own business. Sold it. Took the money and started travelling. My views of the USA and the world have changed a lot. I've been very depressed at times. I've thought about suicide. Came pretty close one time. Need more pple to help and support me with my work. I'm doing all I can to change things in the world to bring less pain - less needless pain. SH Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, Nov 2011

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Because I am writing a lot about what is happening in the USA lately, I decided to create this new page to let people know a bit about me in case they are new to the site.

I was born in the USA and lived there until around 1998 when, at age 41, I bought a small piece of property in Canada. I then bought some land in Australia and moved back and forth between the two countries for a few years. Since then I have been traveling to many countries around the world, spending the majority of the past 5 years in South America. Since August of this year I have been travelling in Europe and now Turkey.

I am frightened by what I see happening in the USA. I feel a responsibility to tell people who have not had the chance to travel as much as I what my own experiences have been and what I have learned while traveling.

My website started out mainly about emotional intelligence, but has evolved over the years.

Thanks for reading. Please do your part to make the world a better place.

December 1, 2008


I was born in the USA. I was abused there. I was physically, sexually and emotionally abused there. I was punished there. I was threatened there. I was lied to there. I was cheated there. I was taken advantage of there. I was misrepresented there. I was controlled there. I was under-valued there. I was devalued there. I was brainwashed there. I was "educated" there. I was controlled there. I was under-cared about there. I was attacked there, physically, verbally, psychologically. I was robbed there.