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They will teach you a lot of stuff that is against your own intuition. You won't be the same person when you leave. I have never seen one person learn to be better with kids as a result of going to a university. They have all become worse.

I am not saying there is nothing you can learn from a university. Some of the classes and some of the professors are good. But you can't just choose the good ones. To get your little piece of paper with your degree, you have to take all of them. Like the classes in statistics. Yes, statistics. In every psychology program I know of around the world you have to study statistics. So you can write impressive looking papers like the one I quoted from above. They don't let you pick and choose the courses. You do what they say or you don't get the degree. Simple as that.

But I am here to tell you that you do not need a degree to help either children or teenagers. You might need some training, but you can get that from reading sites like mine on the Internet, and from working directly with teens and children. You can also come to work with me for a while. Traveling to Peru, or wherever I am will be less expensive than going to a university for four years. And I can promise you I can teach you more in one month than you will learn in four years at a university. And I will give you a little paper saying you are "Certified in Emotional Intelligence" if you really want one. But I can also promise you that no child and probably no teenager will ever ask to see your little pieces of paper. They will want to see if you are a good listener. If you really care about them. And university classes don't teach you to care about children. You probably will care about children much more when you start college than when you finish. Like I said, in college, grades are important. That is what you will care about. And you will care about getting a job. That's the reality, folks.

If you are a person who is more interested in hel;ping kids and teenagers than in grades or getting a job, then write me. I'd like