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People Who Aren't Cared About Don't Care


From Former Yugoslavia

Abuse, Caring and Recycling

Caring in the Coal Mine

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People Who Aren't Cared About Don't Care - Yugoslavia Example

This is something a friend said as we walked around a city in former Yugoslavia looking at all the broken glass and trash around us.

Surprisingly, these words could be found nowhere else by Google when this page was created in

When just "people who aren't cared about" was searched, this poem was found.

Abuse, Caring and Recycling

Here are two more stories which show that “People who aren’t cared about, don’t care.”

1. The manager of a trailer park in Australia told me that he tried putting in recycling bins at the park. The people living there, though, mostly living on welfare, or the “dole,” as it is called here, don’t care enough about recycling or the environment to bother to separate their trash. He said they just threw it all into which ever container they came to first.

I have talked to enough of the residents myself to know that the majority of them had grown up in homes or orphanages where they didn’t feel cared about. Many were seriously used and abused by those around them. Several of them have mental health disabilities and have been in and out of the mental hospital.

No one cared how they felt when they were young, so they don’t care now.

Caring in the Coal Mine

An Australian man told he me worked in the coal mines for 15 years. He told me that once a new manager showed up in the mine. This manager was arrogant and thought he knew more about how to run the mine than the old-timers.
One day one of the older workers took the new manager a list of suggestions. The manager looked at it, then crumpled it up and threw it in the trash before the worker’s eyes.
The worker told his colleagues what happened. From that day on they all slowed down their work. Productivity dropped 40%.
In slowing down, the workers said, “If they don’t care, why should we?”

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Google Searches for "People who don't feel cared about"


Quote 1

Research confirms that people who don't feel cared about as individuals at work are more likely to be disengaged, distrust their bosses, and display less than trustworthy behaviors.(1)

Quote 2

Remember, people who don't feel cared about don't care about others. You have the power to renew these students' faith in the system and.. (US Committee hearing transcript) (2)

Quote 3

...people who don't feel cared about at work won't care about the work they do. (3)



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1. This quote is found in many places on the net, including ezinearticles.com

2. From a State Hearing in the USA - Committee Hearing Transcript (FIN) 03/27/90

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