Steve's Alternative Ed Class

I have an idea to start my own "class" here. One thing I want to do is offer people links, ideas etc which I believe are helpful in forming an alternative belief system, lifestyle, community and society. I asked someone once how we can change the system and he said first we have to stop believing in it. So I want to help you stop believing what those around you believe and teach, and to offer you new things to believe or believe in.


Anti psych -

Peter bregin --

bruce levine

daniel mackler

gabor mate



Psychology students page

noam chomsky

thomas gordon

chris hedges - Social critic - transcript

alfie kohn

alice miller

A. S. Neil

marshall rosenberg

howard zinn

Alternative education examples

montessori schools, sudbury schools


Cry Freedom - about south africa

Capitalism A love story - M, Moore

Zeitgeist series

Schoolin the world

Educacion proibido

Various mind control videos

Ted talks

- Non violent revolutions

- Ken Robinson - at least 2 vids

Mind Control

Edward Bernays



FEMA camps

hollow point bullets

nick begich - HAARP, brain waves, mind control

adam kokesh