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Letter about Listening from Norway

Hi Steve,

Thank you for writing all the articles you have been writing. I never
realized how bad a listener I really was before coming across your site.
It is easy to listen to people when they are happy, but I can count
numerous times where I have just said to people.. Cheer up, look the
sky is still blue... Instead of really listening to them. Or how many times
I have been finding solutions instead of listening...

Your site made me really find a lot of times in my past where I really did these things, andI now try to focus on how not to do that anymore...

Keep up the good work... The world really need this, it would be a muchbetter place if we all would really listen and try to understand each

Just last night I was about to leave from a girls place and I said on
the way out : "I feel sad"(This girl I like, but she is not interested in a
relationship with me.). And the only reply I got was: "Dont be sad".

After that I felt even worse, because she didnt accept my feelings.

I just wanted to let you know I read your article "Thanks for listening"
and I understand. Hope to see a lot more articles from you:)

Best regards
Oslo Norway

Nov 2007