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When You Care About Someone You Care How They Feel


To show someone you care about them, you must show that you care how they feel.

This means asking them how they feel.

It means really listening to them when they try to tell you.

It means accepting their feelings.

It means not invalidating them.

It means showing empathy and understanding.

It means using being emotionally literate and using feeling words.

If you are a parent, one of your most important jobs is to show your child or teen that you care how they feel. So this includes asking them how they feel about things you tell them to do. Sometimes, this can be very hard to do. But the more you are able to do it, the better your relationship will be with them.

In a romantic relationship, caring how your partner feels is the bond that keeps you together.


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Here are suggestions on how to find out how much someone feels cared about by you.

A good suggestion is to find someone to ask your partner or your child or teen how much they feel cared about by you, using the 0-10 scale. For example, someone could say, "How much do you feel cared about by your husband, from 0-10" or "How much do you feel cared about by your father, from 0-010?"

We suggest finding someone else to ask these questions. First, if the person is honest, it can be too painful to listen to the answer. Second, the person may be afraid of telling you directly to your fact their honest feelings.