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I signed up for a website called Upwork.com.

I am talking to a girl in India now about writing some articles for me. Below is part of our chat.


Jan 17, 2018

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Here was her first message in reply to my job posting. I said I was looking for teen writers. She isn't a teen, she is 25, but I liked talking to her and I will give her some work. I have been trying to get people to help me for a very long time. I feel pretty optimistic this site is going to help me find people.


I went through your job posting and possess the skills for the same. I am a content writer with a 2+ year experience in same. I have been writing content in different niches such as education, student learning, moral values, depression, anxiety, caring for children, child abuse, child labor, respecting children and more

I can write articles on the topics given on your website. I also went to your website and read your articles. I liked and understood topics of your writings as well as your writing style.

I can provide you one sample article for $10 on one such topic. If you like it we can proceed further.

Looking forward to your positive response.


Here is the start of our chat

9:13 PM
Steve Hein
Hi A___. Thank you for your message and for looking at my sites. You are the first person to say anything specific about my writing.

I would like to give you a call (using this Upworks site.) How do you feel about that idea?

Also, I am open to the idea of you writing an sample article, but I would like to talk to you first.

2:27 AM
A___ P
Hi Steve
I am available for the chat. We can chat here and discuss about the task.
2:29 AM
Steve Hein
hi how are you feeling today?
2:30 AM
A___ P
I'm feeling good how about you?
2:30 AM
Steve Hein
A little frustrated. This system won't let me send more messages to new people until I pay them :(
2:32 AM
A___ P
That's sad.
We can chat over skype if that's fine or on Upwork itself.

2:35 AM
Steve Hein
well for now, this is working ok for me. just text chatting. is that ok for u too?
2:35 AM
A___ P
Yeah Sure.
2:36 AM
Steve Hein
how would u feel about writing an article about upwork?
for example this limitation.

2:38 AM
A___ P
I can write an article on Upwork about it's pros and cons.
2:41 AM
Steve Hein
Ok. that wasn't really what I meant, but now I have another idea. How would u feel about writing about what it is like to talk to me? haha I have a different way of talking than most people. I talk about feelings a lot. And I use numbers. For example, I didn't feel very understood just now. And I could give you a number on how understood I feel, if you want to know.
And I am curious how you feel to know I didn't feel very understood.

Later she agreed to write about what it is like to talk to me and try to work with me :)

Notes to self...

Talking to A___ I realize I really want to work with people who want to leave their countries/families/cults. People who want to travel. Who want to help people.

Who want to learn from me.

I can work with some others till I find the right person or right people...

It is painful to talk to people who sound like my family and people from the British or American or Christian/Jewish/Muslim cults.

For example, she said "I hope I was clear..."The word "hope" is triggering... it rmo my sisters.

Suggestions - feelings you can only search zerto to ten dollars per hour. I feel controlled, limited, restricted, wasteful - I want to find people in poor countries who really need the money and will really appreciate it. And people who want to get out of those countries.

A___ doesn't want to leave India haha. But I am sure lots of people there do want to get out. And I know a lot of people want to get out of Brazil. I spent about six months in Brazil in 2017.

I saw more clearly how parents control their "resources" - ie the humans we call "their" children and "their" teenagers. Many parents want "their" resources to stay in Brazil. The so called education system only prepares them to live in Brazil and work as slaves in the Brazilian system. It is such an incredibly corrupted and sick system. One encouraging thing is that many young people realize how bad it is and want to get out. So far, they still can. Brazil hasn't built a wall or put up fences. In fact, there are many border crossing points that are not even controlled. You can walk across the border to Uruguay for example, or take a boat a cross to Argentina with no one carrying a gun to stop you.

I wonder what someone from another planet would say if they saw this fucked up planed. Well the planet is not fucked up so much as the humans have fucked it up!