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Anna A.
15 as of June 2005. England

I found your website (eqi.org) through a search engine and I just wish I had found it earlier!  I am 15 years old and have made several suicide attempts and have been into a psychiatric unit twice. I am still dealing with suicidal feelings and am self-harming. I've always felt different from other people my age.. more mature and it seems that I think about things/analyze much more than they do.  Reading what other teenagers have said has been helpful, as it's made me realise that i'm not alone in the way I think; there are other teenagers who feel the way I do and I find that comforting. The other resources on the site have been useful, too.  Thank you - your website is brilliant.  


When I wrote her back she said this: --

I didn't realise you felt suicidal at times too. That just makes the site seem better. Most resources I read are written/edited by people who just don't have a clue on how it feels to be suicidal themselves, so your site's a welcome change.

Thanks again, Anna.