Emotional Intelligence


Thank You's From Teens



This site is the best one I've seen. It shows
how much you care instead of just reeling off a list of info
like all the other sites do.

I wrote this letter to my parents a few days ago but I got
too scared to show them. I'm not exactly sure why I'm
emailing you. I just liked your site and it would be nice
for someone to see how I feel I guess:

It's just nice to think someone out there has read it and
listened for a little while.




I was looking at your site and I really REALLY like it. my name is _____, I am fourteen years old.
I have had several encounters with suicide, including thoughts myself. I agree with your reasoning, it seems like for everyone who has been suicidal it starts with how they are treated at home or school.

Another one of my friends talks about killing himself to make everything better. his father and mother are divorced and he lives with his mom, and he can't stand the way she treats him.

I have been depressed myself for 10 months. I have cut. I have thought about killing myself. I never could do that to anyone. I still get the urge to cut, but I know I shouldn't. so I write poems a lot. they help. I don't cry in front of people. and I dont talk about my feelings I keep them inside until I break down. it can get really bad at times. but I always deal somehow.

I know a few other people who have cut, or who have been depressed.

I talk to many kids about it, because they feel like I know what they are talking about, because I do. I fake my smile 95% of the time, they would never know.

I figured out that this is what I want to do when I graduate. I want to be a counselor, but I have your theory. I think the only way adults can help is if they know what happens themselves. not diseases and whatever other stupid excuses they come up with.

Thank you for starting a realistic website. Thank you for understanding! It's kind of nice to find an adult who actually GETS IT:)

Well your site has my full support!

Thanks again,

December 2009

To be honest, without reading the things on ur site I wasnt gonna e-mail u to start with, but cuz the stories & ur info was in there, I felt, you know, maybe, just maybe there might be someone out there who I can talk to & trust....and I was suprised there was someone out there as awesome as you & then when u introduced me to P_____ who is just as awesome, it was almost like a dream....

I know that at least 3 people are still alive b/c of your chatroom (I'd say that's pretty amazing).

Thanks so so much for pointing me to the fourm. :-)