Emotional Intelligence | Cutting


From a teen in the UK

Hi Steve,

Would you mind posting this on your site?

I just think It will help people understand- or at least empathize.

It's amazing the way it is, honest and helpful without being condescending.

I wasn't there at all…

I never heard you call her that name
Never hid and watched you
Shove her up against the wall

I never saw you shatter that mirror

Never prayed that
The seven years bad luck
You were sure to get
Plagued me instead

I never saw the shards of glass
Sticking out of your hand
Never noticed how they sparked
Like stars in your blood

I never saw the blood
drip down onto to the floor
And slowly get absorbed
Into the new carpet

I never noticed
that the stain stayed there,
untouched for years

Long after you'd left
I never noticed the
Blobs in the immaculate
White carpet

And she would still
make me take off my shoes
Before I came inside

Long after you were over
I would never
Take the blade
And cut into the skin
Of my hand
And watch the blood
Drip into the sink

And I am not always careful
To wash it away
So that it never leaves a stain.