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Here are a few more pictures and notes

A highschool student in her mandatory excersise jacket on sports day. It reads Colegio Privado. Juan Mejia Baca. El Colegio de los Triumfadores. This means "Private High School Juan Mejia Baca. The high school of the triumphant." Next is a picture of the main entrance to this highschool where the "triumphant people" go. The man standing under the sign is the gaurd. He doesn't let anyone in who is not authorized. After all, they wouldn't want anyone coming in and looking around to steal their secrets of triumph. This impressive sounding learning institution is located between a pharmacy and a restaurant. It probably has about 10 classrooms. Notice how the sign is bigger than the door!



One day I saw the English notebook of a 12 year old in a public school in Chiclayo. Here is one example, copied exactly as it was in his notebook.

Today is Tuesday August 24th 2004

Preset Continuos

Affirmativas ; para formar oraciones afirmativas primero escribimos el pronombre o el sujeto , luego el verbo tuvi el verbo en accion terminado [ ing ] y finalmente el complemento . las oracion en presente continio son accion se realizan en el momento .

Sujeto | pronombre + tobe + verbo accion + complimente

Example: The students are + Listening to the class.
They Are Listening to the class.


I asked him if he knew what the sentence "The students are listening to the class" meant. He said no. Then I asked if he knew what "They are listening to the class" meant. He said no.

They have to use a red pen to write capital letters.

An partial example of a "citation" telling parents they have to come to a meeting. If they don't go to the meetings, they get fined.

The citation says something like "The board of directors of the student parents association, in coordination with the management of the educational institution 11151....





This sign says Academia Pre-Universitaria. I met Susan who goes to school there. She was a smart person. I talked to her enough to realize it. It hurts me to even look at this picture knowing how she is being brainwashed. She is being brainwashed not only in her "school" but also in the Morman church. Her brother hits her, by the way. He had hit her recently when she had friends over and he thought they were making too much noise. Like, most Peruvian females she is so accustomed to this that she hardly gave it any importance at all. Of course in this "pre-university school" they say nothing about this kind of abuse which is the norm in Peru.








This picture shows two things. First is the school in the background. It has a barbed wire fence on top of the wall, then bars on the windows. The other is the contrast between the faces of the mother and daughter. Imagine what could have caused the mothers face to have such huge bags under her eyes and such an unhappy look. And imagine what the influence of looking as such a face for 20 or so years has on her daughter if we consider that emotions are contagious and a child's face mirrors that of the mother.


Here are some notes from Isable who was a head teacher in England that I met in a small town in Peru

The regular schools in small towns are so bad that if you want to go to a university you will spend up to three years in private, pre-university institute, which you have to pay for.

All the smart people are on the coast in pre-unis

They will spend up to 8 more years of school after highschool before they finish their university degree.


The English teacher in town doesnt like the kids to talk to Isabel. She never has asked Isabel to help her

Picture of military ceremony in Uruguay