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Pretty Simple Peace

PSP is based on the idea that everything we do is done to meet our needs. In others, we are constantly motivated to try to meet our needs.

It is also based on the idea that our feelings are gauges of our needs, telling us how met or unmet our needs are.

For example,

When we feel hungry, we need food.

When we feel thirsty, we need water.

When we feel afraid we need safety, security.

When we feel rejected, we need acceptance.

When we feel discouraged, we need encouragement.

Peace is when everyone's needs are sufficiently met. So to achieve peace we all need to talk about our feelings and our needs. Then voluntary agreements can begin to emerge.


I invite people to help me with this. I don't want my name particularly associated with it. My need is for peace, not personal fame or gain.

PSP Beliefs/Hypotheses


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Donald Trump - What are Donald Trump's emotional needs?

A central idea of PSP is that everyone has similar, but not equal, emotional needs. So if we start to ask what each person's emotional needs are we start to see what we all have in common. This leads to understanding, acceptance, understandig and unity, which all lead to peace.


Example 1 - Firing a water canon at the Water Protectors