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It's not a suppossition. She said it. Yesterday, she EXPLODED when saw my grades. She started to SPANK me, not like a mother, but like bull. She said some other HORRIBLE things that any mother would say. She said these things:

  • I am her bigger disappointment
  • She would like to abandon me
  • She hates me
  • She is going to adopt a new son when I become an adult, because "this one" have failed
  • She wants I suffer
  • She blames me for complicating her marriage (which isn't true)
  • I am demoniac

Well, she says she is just trying to gimme God's word (obey parents), but I go to church more often than her, I am more religious than her. Would a christian try to daze devils using things that atract them? My mother would. By the way, I don't hate her back, I love her, as we must love everybody.

Due to what she says, I think she is about to get into depression. I understand her. She is a teacher, she always loved teaching. Then, when I desobey my teachers, she stays very offended. Then, I decided to effort more at school for her. Man, I started to cry on the third class because I did (do) not have time to study things I like and care about! I studied do much to pass in the exams, that my fingers are hurting a lot.

Resume: Or my mother is happy, or I am happy; My mother is about to get into depression because of me, then, I am in a better situation.

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