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Flunked out of college first semester,first year. Pool
table in dorm. .3 GPA. 3.0 GPA(General Pool Ability).

"...not afraid to hire bright people who lacked
academic credentials." Maslow
Suicidal. After 6 weeks therapy,"You've grown faster
than anyone I've ever seen,past me."

Figured be famous before month was out. Over 25 years

"It's a risky business when the egg is cleverer than
the hen." Jung
Sent to analyst. His face turned color. Patient,"A red
face is guilt from the unconscious." Turned more.
Verdict: Insane. Fired.

"Before genius the psychoanalyst has to lay down his
arms." Freud

"My unconscious knows more about the consciousness of
a psychologist than his unconscious knows about my
unconscious." Kraus
Attended talk on Freud. Pompous professor. (Small men
don't feel small. Great men don't feel great.)
Attender inspired. Kicked off campus.

"Universities are,of course,hostile toward geniuses."
Lost girl(3-4 years old)flea market. Many surrounding
offering assistance. Shied away,walked past to man on
outside standing with arms folded...held hers out/up
to him.

"When a man finds a woman his equal,she is superior."

Doctors office. Little girl(2-3)walking to bathroom
with guardian. Let go her hand,walked over to stranger
to hold baby doll. Went,picked back up on return.

"It's a fine thing to have ability but the ability to
discover ability in others is the true test." Hubbard

Stranger entered nursery,sat on floor. Within 15
seconds 6-9 month old crawled in his lap,10 more,eyes
closed. Less than a minute later child snatched from
him,started crying...the baby too.

"Children are flowers with souls in them and if on
this earth man has a sacred charge,a holy
obligation,it is to these tender buds and blossoms of
humanity." Debs
"Exceptions will be made for promising proposals." APA

Translation: Exceptions will be made for
nongenius,whose talent is less than us
choosing,else,how could/will we tell? And,only if you
lay down,roll over,kiss up and sell out,like we did,in
order to be part of this prestigious outfit.

"In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of
sheep,one must above all be a sheep oneself." Einstein

When one has great gifts what answer to the meaning of
existence should one require beyond the right to
exercise them? If one is slightly gifted and sells his
soul,he may get help. If phenomenally,forget it.

"Every great human being has a retroactive force. All
history is again placed in the scales for his sake and
a thousand secrets of the past crawl out of their
hideouts into his sun. There is no way of telling what
may yet become history. Perhaps the past is
essentially undiscovered. So many retroactive forces
are still required." Nietzsche
Interviewer "You should be sitting here and I should
be sitting there."

What can those sold a slave to the institution
employing them,do? People like to recognize,not

"They lost their empire and their lives because they
would not employ their scholars." Mo Ti
Institutionalized. "A lunatic is a man surrounded by
them." Pound

Patient took over("Whenever I look at a mountain I
always soon expect it to turn into a volcano." Of
Thoreau)at Board of Inquiry. Verdict:"You will be kept
here indefinitely."

"That man is thought a dangerous knave,
Or zealot plotting crime,
Who for advancement of his kind,
Is wiser than his time."

Fear will drive men to any extreme and the fear
inspired by a genius is a mystery which cannot be
reasoned away. Being immeasurable it is unbearable
when there is no presumption or guarantee of its
benevolence and moral responsibility...when it has no
official status.

"But there are hundreds of lunatics who are at
large,just because you are too ignorant to recognize
that they are insane. Why should I and these other
wretches have to sit here instead of them and be your
scapegoats? Morally,you and your assistant and the
other scoundrels on your staff are infinitely worse
than we are. Why are we locked up and you not? Where's
the logic of it? Neither logic or morality have
anything to do with it. It's a matter of luck. If
you've been locked up you are inside. If you haven't
you are free. That's all there is to it. The fact that
you are a mental patient or that I am a doctor is
purely a matter of chance." Chekov

Inmate organizing started...he was discharged. Next
day asylum's library received two large boxes of books
with a few selects for select.
Sent box of books another place. Offense was taken as
to how box appeared. Highway was blocked off for
miles,made front page headlines,box blown up. Had
forgotten what books sent. Picture in paper clearly
showed Frederick Douglass("When I'm among gentlemen,I
act like a gentleman and a half and when I'm among
pirates I act like a pirate and a half." on cover of
one book minus its pages and undistinguishable but
very distinguished what had been other great reads.
There was a bomb to go off all right and soon.
Attended function next day to which books sent. Got it
out. Locked up,never saw his car again...was told it
was also destroyed.

"What about those inspired people,the world's
geniuses,who have serious work to do on behalf of
humanity? They are exposed."
Helen Hayes

"The voice of intelligence is drowned out by the roar
of fear. It is ignored by the voice of desire. It is
biased by hate and extinguished by anger. Most of all
it is silenced by ignorance." Menninger
Among the homeless:"You know things the rest of us
don't." Another,chanting,"There's a master in the
house,there's a master in the house,there's a ..."

"It is the unsophisticated alone,and therefore only
the so-called uneducated masses,just because of that
lack of sophistical reasoning in them,who feel,when
coming in contact with an abnormal,out-of-the-way
character,that there is in him something more than the
mere mortal man of flesh and intellectual attributes.
And feeling themselves in the presence of that which
in the enormous majority is ever hidden,of something
incomprehensible to their matter-of-fact minds,they
experience the same awe that popular masses felt in
days of old when their fancy,often more unerring than
cultured reason,created of their heroes,gods,teaching:
'The weak to bend,the proud to pay,
To powers unseen and mightier than they.'"
Busy intersection. Kept track of red lights run,right
turns without stopping,stopping on crosswalk...close
calls,beepings,screamings,pounding on
hoods,times,dates. Sent to 8 places germane.

Response "You don't have anything better to do

You got it.

"There is no greater hunger than to be of use to the
world and to go by unused." Johnson

The product of the artist is less important than the
fact of the artist. This person is more important than
anything he might create.

How did you accomplish so much? "It was easy. I cared
like blazes,acted immediately and brought aboard those
more insightful than myself(Tesla)." Edison
Have written to thousands of people/places relative.

"The voice of the intellect is a soft one but it does
not rest until it has gained a hearing." Freud

Common responses: "Who are you?" "Do I know you?" "Why
have you sent me this?"

"Man,if you gotta ask,you'll never know."

What a check it is to be questioned in this manner,to
find out that supposedly educated others may not even
understand one of the first principles of

"The terribly sad thing that one can only weep about
is that however clearly I see it all,I communicate it
to so few. Saints can speak only to saints." Maslow

"The gap between talent and genius is unbridgeable."
No accomplishments,no references,no outward
credentials...no inwards either,but possibly some

"If there is anything a man can do and do well,I say
let him do it,give him a chance." Lincoln

"The combination of the unidentified and the
underachiever can be the most frustrating and puzzling
of all." Streznewski.

"He has no personal friends." Emerson

"I think myself one of the best of mankind and I know
how bad I am." Johnson
Don't smoke,drink,drug,chew,or hang round those that
do,or that don't.

Low maintenance.

"With respect to luxuries and comforts the wisest have
ever lived a more simple and meager life than the
poor." Thoreau
Open and close eatery,exchange room and board,sleep on
two tables,bad section(last break-in 11/03,another
attempt 11/28).

Made about $2000 past 5 years,have over 1800 left.
Gold,like genius,worthless in and by itself.
Regular employment impossible. Until public service
uses him his true personality lays dormant and/or

"Woe be to the generation that lets any higher faculty
in its midst go unemployed." Thoreau

If has higher work(given an inch give miles)does more
...than others may on purpose.

"Through their greater sensitivity and perception we
may get a better report of what reality is really
like,just as canaries can be used to detect gas in
mines before less sensitive creatures can." Maslow

"It is necessary to enlist genius in order to
encompass the whole depth and width of genius."
Got an old dog/cat wants to curl up with same?

"You must capture and keep the heart of the original
and supremely able man before his brain can do its
best." Carnegie
He carries and shapes the unconscious psychic life of
mankind. To perform this task it is sometimes
necessary for him to give up nearly all that makes
life worth living for the ordinary mortal.

"Creative writers suffer from cruelty inflicted on
others as well as themselves,and they suffer doubly
because usually they are isolated in their
suffering,for no one wants to believe them.
Often,people try to talk them out of their awareness
in order not to have to become aware themselves. If
these writers are not renowned they will be dismissed
as fools,or,if famous,will be admired and celebrated
as great prophets,but always with the proviso that the
source of their awareness remain hidden from society."
Alice Miller
Want to psychoanalyze this fellow and be
psychoanalyzed by him? The former may not happen. The
latter will.

"I felt as though he could see right through me."
Eve Curie of Gandhi. He could.

"...therapists will learn more from them than from any
teacher." Alice Miller
Idea sitterer...

"Do not hire a man who does your work for money but
him who does it for love of it." Thoreau
May have more time for you(your work,if warrants
such,unconsciously)than you have for self. Such are
5's unagenda-ed.

"Disponibilite." Marcel