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Is Psychological Abuse Worse Than Physical?


I have read about studies that say that emotional abuse is more damaging than physical abuse. Here are some reasons I have come up with why this might be so.

- If your father gives you a black eye, people can see that and report it to someone. But if he emotionally abuses you, no one can see it, so there is no evidence to report.

- Emotional abuse cases are so hard to prove that one social worker in Australia told me they just stopped trying to prove them in court.

- Emotionally abusive parents tend to be more intelligent and can convince child protection workers that their son or daughter is just trying to get attention, just being dramatic, just going thru a phase etc.

- Emotional abuse attacks the child or teen's inner self, which is more vulnerable and delicate.

- Emotional wounds may remain for long after physical wounds have healed - possibly for a lifetime

- One woman put it this way: "With emotional abuse, the hurt goes inside you, and it stays there."