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Steve's EI / EQ test for David Caruso


I am still working on cleaning up and organizing my mini emotional intelligence test for David. Here is what I have as of Feb 27, 2005

Part 1 - Identifying Emotions

Story 1

Steve has a website. On his website he criticizes someone named Dan. Tom doesn't like what Steve writes about Tom. Tom wants Steve to change what he puts on his website. Tom emails Steve several times. Steve doesn't reply and doesn't change the website. Then Tom emails Steve again to ask why he hasn't replied. Steve writes back: "This is my site. It is number one on google. And I will do whatever the hell I want with it. So go take a hike."

Based on this much of the story, try to answer these questions:

Question 1 -- How is Steve feeling Steve feel?

Question 2 -- How is Tom feeling?


Part 2 - Emotional Understanding

Question 1 -- Why is Steve feeling this way?

Question 2 -- Why does Tom feel this way?


Now, here is additional information. Steve also writes "lol" - which means "laugh out loud" in chat talk.

Question 3 --What does this tell you about Steve's feelings?

Question 4 -- How will David's feelings change when he reads the "lol"


Bonus question 1

I intentionally asked "How does Tom feel?" I thought about asking "How is Tom likely to feel?" Why do you think I decided to say "How does Tom feel?" instead of "How is Tom likely to feel?"

Bonus Question 2

I also decided to ask questions like "How is Tom feeling?" instead of something more specific like "How is Tom feeling when he gets Steve's reply?" Why do you think I chose to say "How is feeling?" instead of "How is Tom feeling when he gets Steve's reply?"


Part 2 Emotional Management

What unmet emotional needs is Steve showing?

What would help Steve feel better?

What unmet emotional needs does Tom have?

What would help Tom feel better?


(note to sph see davidc1'xx' hidden file for some answers.)


Youth Version

Why do so many teenagers in the USA and around the world like the music of Eminem, Sublime, Marilyn Manson, Rage Against the Machine?

Why was the song "Killing in the name of" so popular?

Have you read the words to this song? Have you listened to it? If so how did you feel? If not, listen to it and tell me how you feel.

Why do so many teenagers commit suicide?

Why are so many teenagers depressed, and self-harming?

What are some of the most serious unmet emotional needs of teenagers?