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You're A Fucking Loser


The other day I was walking and I stopped to rest. I sat down on a ledge. While sitting there I heard a couple shouting at each other. Then I heard a female voice yelling, "You're a fucking loser!" I also heard a car horn blaring for several seconds.

I looked out to the street and saw a young female speeding off. I saw a child in the front seat of the car. My first thought was "What effect will that have on the child?" That thought was quickly followed by, "What effect will years of that kind of thing have?"

I decided to see if the man would talk to me, so I walked over to him. I apologized for overhearing their shouting and asked what it was all about. The young man shook his head and said, "She's an idiot. A complete idiot." I said, "Is that your ex?" He said it was.

I asked if that was his child in the car. He said yes and there were actually two children. We talked for a minute about how bad of an example that was for the children.

I had been a little afraid to approach him at first, but when he left, he actually thanked me. I am sure he meant thanks for some understanding.

Later I realized that this was another case of someone needing pain management. His ex-wife was obviously in a lot of pain from something. She was feeling hurt, so she wanted to hurt him.

It is sad that in their many years of education they never learned how to express their pain in a more healthy and less destructive way. I hope their children will learn these skills.

S. Hein
May 28, 2011

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