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Emina Karamanovski

The other day I was thinking about emotional literacy and how even most university students are emotionally illiterate. I googled "are emotionally illiterate" and found an interesting website. I don't have time to go into many details now, so I will just give you a couple of links and show you this email I wrote to Emina who is the brains and heart behind the site I found.

hi once more!

i have had a few hours sleep now and i am thinking about something you wrote, actually a couple of things.

one is about trying to control something you don't understand. this is
a hugely important insight. i plan to write something about it and
give you credit and a link to your site.

do you have anything promoting your book yet? i couldnt find anything
on the net about it when i searched for it by title and by your name.

this is what i got:

Your search - "emotions simplified" emina - did not match any documents.

anyhow, i also was very drawn to what you said about learning english...

It all started when I learned the English expression "to push one's buttons."

Why do other people know how to push our emotional buttons when we ourselves don't even know what they are? And if other people can push our buttons, shouldn't we be able to push them too?

This curiosity about emotional buttons focused my attention on emotions. This
same curiosity started my journey....

I will probably write a book review for you and use this quote. In
fact, could you send me some more text or the book itself when it
comes out for a full review? So far it looks very good. I am very
curious now and I not only want to work with you, but I want to help
you promote the book. I have this very odd characteristic or need.. I
like helping people!

Ok, I just wanted to mention these things to you.... and say that one of
my big complaints about
Goleman and others is they focus way too much
on controlling emotions. It is much more important to focus on
understanding them. I have written:

"what if we had understanders instead of judges" (link)

I think you will "understand this" without needing an explanation!

but to me, this idea can change all of modern society.

society has been about control for so long. maybe we are really on the
edge of something huge.


Here is the website, and by the way, the book is mentioned on the site but has evidently been renamed to "Emotions Simplified". It is due to be on Amazon in 6 weeks or so. This might look like the site of just another consultant or coach, but to me, it "resonates" on a different level, at least so far. I will keep you updated as things progress and I find out more.


S. H.
January 31, 2008
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria



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