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Chronic Depression?


Here are some thoughts on what is called "chronic depression." First, let's think about about what it would mean to be "chronically cold." Let's consider a person who goes outside in the winter without a cold on. Even if they do this often, even every day, is it fair to say are chronically cold?

To say that would mean they never warm up, even if they are no longer in the cold environment. Most people, though, quite naturally do warm up once inside. It is only their environment which makes them cold.

I believe it is the same with the term "chronic depression."

Here is a true personal story. When I was in Sri Lanka earlier this year, I felt depressed, mostly because I was not able to find places to write and work. The country was hot, noisy, rainy and full of mosquitoes and aggressive, dishonest, needy tuk-tuk drivers.

Now I am in Malaysia. I have found quiet, safe, comfortable places which meet most of my needs. Now that I am in this environment, I don't feel depressed.

It is hard to know if you are "chronically" depressed if you haven't left the depressing environment you have been in, or if you leave one depressing environment and get into another one.

S. Hein
Goulburn, Australia
Oct 2011


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