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Links from and short review of Ron Brill's Emotional Honesty Site

Here are some links to a site which, although it is partly an advertisement for a new book, contains some good articles on emotional honesty and the relationship between emotions and social problems such as teen violence and suicide.

I have corresponded with the author for about a year. While I have not yet read the book, I feel supportive esnough of his work based on his web site that I wanted to get his link out to my visitors. I don't much like the use of the term "disability" when he refers to emotional dishonesty, but this is a minor point.

These links are to short articles from the site:

June 2016 note as of now they are not working and the site is for sale so I have unlinked them By the way, this is a very old page format! I am leaving it this way for sentimental/historical reasons

Thanks to SoulRiser of School Survival for letting me know the links were not working :)


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