Today Miriam, 22, from Italy, told me she thought of killing herself at 16. She realized she needed to make some changes in her life so she moved to Switzerland while she was stiill 16 to live with her ex-boyfriend. She stayed with him till she was 21 then started traveling around Europe alone.

I asked what her parents said when she told them she was planning to move to Switerland. She said they didn't like it but they didn't have a choice. She said she had always done what she wanted to do.

Now she is hitchiking around South America alone.

How we met

I was hosting a Couchsurfer from Poland at my new place in Colonia del Sacramento. His name is Jacek. When he was leaving I went with him to the place on the edge of town where he would start looking for a ride. When we arrived we saw Miriam who was sitting on her backpack, also trying to get a ride. We talked for a while and I invited them to both come to my place in La Paz and they agreed. So they hitchiked here and I took the bus and met them here later.

It is really nice to have them both here. They agreed to do some some work exchange for me while they are here and they will stay a few days.