Stupid School Rules and Stupid Teachers


Obviously, I am just starting this page. Please send me the stupid crap from your highschool. If you want, type in "stupid school rules" or "stupid teachers" in google and send me stuff that you find.


An email from Megan in Wisconsin, USA


This week i got mad at one of my teachers. The minute bell rang and i remembered that my chart of phylums was in my locker so i asked if i could go get it and i would just take like two minutes. He said no. He said previously that if you didn't have it on that day that you would drop down to a 35 out of 50. So i didn't want my grade to suffer. I asked again during class and he said no. Then after that he announced to the class that they could use their charts on the test. It was a indepth test on the phylums, but because i didn't have my chart i got a 68 out of 90 points. I bet if i had my chart i would have gotten like 82 out of 90. I didn't think it was fair that i didn't get to go to my locker when i asked before class. i would have been just like a minute late because my locker was just right above the class room.



From someone in New Zealand:

A man said he was "struck by the sheer stupidity of a ban on eating in public for students at Macleans College."

“How petty is it to ban students from eating and drinking on the way to and from school?” said Nandor.

“The school needs to think about what it is there for, to provide students with a decent education or enforce a bunch of silly rules that serve no purpose?” he asked.

“Many people are becoming concerned at the mindlessness of many school rules. Where will it end?”

Nandor said the principal of Macleans should be more worried about whether students were coming to school at all rather than them catching breakfast on the go.

“No wonder there is a high truancy rate in some schools if this is what students have to put up with.”



My school is pretty bad. We have uniforms and on non-uni day ew have very *strict* rules...we are told not to wear jeans but most people so anyways. We aren't aloud to have pericings but alot of peple are starting to rebel so alot more people are getting suspended/expelled. We even have rules about HAIR at my school. No outragous colours which isn't too bad I guess but my friend had a mohawk and they made him cut it because it wasn't 'regulation hight' common now! Regulation hight!? It's so stupid now adays. I had to dye my hair back because it had a 'hint' of purple in it they said. So theres 50 bucks down the drain. I refused at first but then i didn't want to get expelled so you know. But I guess it's not as bad as some of the people who posted above me. *sigh*Stupid school rules :thumbdown